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CloudViuOne CloudViuOne v1.0

A way to store videos you take on your Android phone somewhere safe forever with a single touch -somewhere only you and your trusted ones can view them from. Privately, safely, without "broadcasting yourself", on any device, over any network, anywhere you are connecting from -phone, PC, tablet, or even internet-connected TV.

BeerBank BeerBank v1.32

Beer bank is a simple but useful manager of natural debts usually occurring during persons night life. In even simpler words - You can track how many beers you owe someone! Or liquor. Or cigarettes. Or money. You can also track if someone promised you a beer and see if they keep their word.

KitchenTimers KitchenTimers v1.0

How to Cook like a Professional Chef? With Kitchen Timers ! Never miss the right time for your meal. Kitchen Timers will help you make your meal with minimal mistakes and help you enjoy the process of cooking. Available 4 stove timers with 3 alarm sounds. After application interruption you start it again and time will be correctly set!

Numeros de Sorte Numeros de Sorte v1.01

A little gift to you...the numbers to you play at Totoloto (Portuguese) and Euromilhões.

Azan Azan v1.2

Azan turn's your mobile device into Namaz notification or alarm clock, set your namaz time upto 5 times and be punctual to Allah.

GlobalStockExchange GlobalStockExchange v1.0

This is a application which gives information about global stocks exchange rates.Now we can get current exchange rates all over world in our pocket mobile.

PicMent - Picture Note PicMent - Picture Note v1.5.7

Contribution: Ads notification twice a day (with no harm)
- Take Picture and Add comment to your gallery
- Share image and comment with facebook, twitter, email etc.
- Search gallery by comment
- Filter by Media Folder and sorted by created date
- Zoom Image

USA Newspapers USA Newspapers v1.0

USA Newspapers for Android

Spel&Appar Spel&Appar v1.1

Dett är SpelOchAppars Android app. Med denna app kan du läsa våra recensioner direkt i din android mobil eller tablet.

KolayEvBul KolayEvBul v1.9.1

Bu uygulama ile etrafınızdaki satılık veya kiralık olan evleri listeleyebilir, listelediğiniz evler hakkında detaylı bilgi ve resimlere ulaşabilirsiniz, bunun yanında filtreleme özelliğini kullanarak listeyi daraltabilirsiniz.Şuan itibariyle İstanbul,Bursa,Ankara,İzmir ve Kocaeli illeri mevcut,zamanla diğer illerde eklenecektir(v1.3 ile tüm iller mevcut).Görüş ve isteklerinizi adresine gönderebilirsiniz.

UK Newspapers UK Newspapers v1.0

UK Newspapers for Android

Boston Baseball News Boston Baseball News v1.0

Boston Baseball News for Android

Canadian Newspapers Canadian Newspapers v1.0

Canadian Newspapers for Android

Jornais do Brasil Jornais do Brasil v1.0

Jornal do Brasil para o Android

India Newspapers India Newspapers v1.0

India Newspapers for Android

Easy Grocery List Easy Grocery List v1.8

Make shopping for stuff an easy and pleasant experience with Easy Grocery List!

LacingArt LacingArt v1.6

Lacing Art – is the program-instruction how to tie the laces on your everyday and special shoes. This program is related to so-called HowTo applications.

In addition to ability to give an absolutely new look to your favorite shoes and show off your perfect style to your friends you will find significant benefits in the program while equipping for sport.
The application contains 35 methods of lacing shoes and 18 methods of tying knots.

sms auto responder sms auto responder v1.1.1

sms auto responder

light and free app

automatically replies to the sms senders with your message, just
set your message and start sms auto responder.

AmericanStockExchange AmericanStockExchange v1.0

This is a application which gives information about American stocks exchange rates.Now we can get current exchange rates all over America in our pocket mobile.

QuoteClicker Mobile QuoteClicker Mobile v1.0

Compare insurance companies for free. Receive multiple insurance quotes using QuoteClicker. Auto insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, life insurance and health insurance quotes from leading insurance providers.