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I See Me I See Me v1.2

See yourself through the eyes of another

Squash The Dead Squash The Dead v2

Squash The Dead is a top down zombie shooter, where you defend yourself building up barricades and killing zombies.

Catch the bees Catch the bees v1.0.3

Little bee-princess needs your help!

Blue Witch Blue Witch v1.0.0

Fun and addictive flying witch game.

Occulus Occulus v1.1.1

The spinning blocks are headed your way and fast. Avoid them with lightning fast reactions and survive the spherical madness for as long as possible.

Graveyard Run Graveyard Run v1.02

Enjoy the fast paced action, just in time for Halloween. Collect the haunted pumpkins while running through the spooky graveyard. Watch out for the ghouls or they will take your loot!

Rolling Ball Rolling Ball v1.0

Collect diamonds with ball and complete all levels.

Fight the Flu! Fight the Flu! v3.4

Blast your way to health in this fun and challenging arena style shooter!

Draculas Tower Escape Draculas Tower Escape v1.0.6

Climb the tower as far as you can.

Stickman Escape Stickman Escape v2.0.0

Tap the screen to jump, tap again for double jump.

Lava Runner Lava Runner v2.1

OH NO! THE LAVA IS RISING!! Help Jonah The Miner run and climb away from the boiling-hot lava before it got too close to his bum!

Battle Project Battle Project v1.0

New sci-fi action shooter for smartphones with fun and original gameplay.

Jump Boy Jump Jump Boy Jump v1.0.1

Jump Boy Jump is a new platform game with Cute Graphics and Addictive Game Play

Super Ancient Super Ancient v1.0.2

Welcome to the ancient world !!

Splatzy: Orange Rush Splatzy: Orange Rush v1.1

Splatzy : Orange Rush is a simple maze like puzzle game where you have to guide our little friends out of the factory and prevent them from being turning into orange juice!

Star Hunter Star Hunter v1.0

Star Hunter is a fun and addictive infinite runner! You have to hunt the gold, silver and bronze stars to increase your score. Unlock the 8 beatiful scenes!

Drivee: Zombies Ahead Drivee: Zombies Ahead v1.2

Awesome free game full of cars, zombies and funny pedestrians.

Floppy Frog Floppy Frog v1.0.3

From the makers of 'Flapping Bird'. How high can Floppy Frog climb? Super-addictive and super-fun.

deadpixels deadpixels v1.0

Dead Pixels alpha version for android.

Blood Zombie Blood Zombie v1.0.21

Shoot zombies to save the world!

One hundred years after human won the Zombie War, the zombies who have been hibernating stage a comeback. Now, it's time to equip your weapon, and fight against with zombies!