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Galaxy Bowl Lite Galaxy Bowl Lite v3.5

Galaxy Bowl is a 3D bowling game of universal proportions! It sports realistic physics, pin point control, and planet-loads of fun!

- Swipe to roll the ball.
- Add spin by tilting your phone or swiping your finger.
- Watch the pins fall convincingly!
- Has authentic sound and excellent music.

Also looks great on large screen tablets!

Show off your phone's 3D graphics. No bowling game on Android looks better, plays smoother, or sounds as realistic!

Learn and fun 4 kids Learn and fun 4 kids v1.4.0

Possibly the best and most complete educational game for Android.

Your children will learn and have fun. You should try it!

Aimed at the kids of the house (1 to 6 years).
Learning numbers, the alphabet, shapes and colors (Sounds in English and Spanish), and more...

Stickoon Stickoon v2.5.5

-Find and click the stick that placed highest position in all of sticks.
-After removed that stick, you should find the other stick that placed highest position again.
-You can compare your time record with other people in the world.

SameSameKoon SameSameKoon v2.5.5

This is the traditionally famous game called "same game". But SameSameKoon includes many features.

- Classic, Item, Time limit mode
- Undo
- 10 types of shape
- 4 types of items
- 9 types of missions
- Challenge scores with world wide users

Pickoon Pickoon v2.5.5

Totally simple!
Just pick a cup including a ball, that's all.

PangPang PangPang v2.5.5

The goal of this game is to pop all balloons in the board.
- Tutorial, Challenge, Survival mode
- Statistics
- Global rankings
- View solution

Flooooood Flooooood v2.5.5

This is one of the famous flood game; but the Flooooood have many powerful features.

-Set the start point
-Change button color
-Competition record with others

DNA DNA v2.5.5

The rule is simple, but this is not the easy puzzle game. First you choose a ball, connect it with the ball which located top, bottom, right and left. You can clear it if you make all the balls with blue;(some level need to match number of lines). Also you can enjoy "Random mode" if you cleared all levels.

Smiley War: Angel x Devil Smiley War: Angel x Devil v11.0

Turn every devil into an angel! Can you do that? Let's find out!

Where is ..? Where is ..? v1.5

Where is apple? Where is computer? Where is hat? Where is donkey? Where is lighter? Where is elephant, ghost, burger, monkey, dog, pizza and more symbols ?

Try to find it!

Blocks Breaker Machine Blocks Breaker Machine v1.8

Enjoy a revolutionary gameplay of blocks breaking free game!
This is Arkanoid, Brick Breaker or Breakout game with a revolutionary gameplay and a beautiful HD graphics!. Try something new and fresh! This game will take you to a wonderful journey.

GemDrop Free GemDrop Free v1.5.0

GemDrop is a free, fun and addictive physics-based puzzle-game for Android.

GemDrop GemDrop v1.5.0

GemDrop is a fun and addictive physics-based puzzle-game for Android.

TnHEX TnHEX v1.5.24

Game goal is simple, touch the numbers from 1 to 25 as fast as you can. Unlike other games of this kind, buttons are hexagons composing honeycomb. That really makes this game harder to play then usual but it makes this game more interesting.

● Score sync
● Google Play Games
● Google Play Leaderboards
● Achievements from Google Play Games

Wish you fast fingers and fun.

Balloon Pop Balloon Pop v1.14

Ballon Pop, free tricky puzzle !

4 in a Line 4 in a Line v1.15

Free Game : "Connect 4" / "Four in a Line"

TicTacToe TicTacToe v1.16

The most basic Tic Tac Toe !

Bubble Pop Bubble Pop v1.15

This is a FREE Bubble Popper Game, with quite hard difficulty.

Try to explode all the bubbles to win !

Bricks Bricks v1.10

break all the bricks of the screen.

Minesweeper Minesweeper v1.10

Free Minesweeper game!

The object of the game is to clear an abstract minefield without detonating a mine.
If a square containing a mine is revealed, the player loses the game.
Otherwise, a digit is revealed in the square, indicating the number of adjacent squares that contain mines.

Many settings:
- for Tablets and Phones
- autosave
- statistics
- mode Easy, Normal, Difficult, Nightmare