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Soccer KnockDown Soccer KnockDown v1.0.1

Knock out all images from the screen with your trusty slingshot and soccer balls.

Popcorn Popcorn v1.2.130924

How many Popcorns can you eat in one minute?
Make the maximum points you can, with your strategy, your finger and your skills.

As more popcorns you eat, more points you win.
Smaller Popcorns have higher values, because they are more difficult to catch, so don't let them fall. (Small: 20, Medium: 15, Big: 10)
You will lose one point every time you miss a Tap in a popcorn, so stay focused on the game.
While you are eating, new popcorns are bursting.

SnowSlide SnowSlide v1.01

Lead your animals home! SnowSlide is an epic animal sliding game of accuracy. Slide your three cute animals to their homes in this easy to play difficult to master SnowSliding fiesta.

FootballCrush FootballCrush v1.0.3

Football Crush is a fun puzzle game, full of soccer ball.

Maze Adventure Maze Adventure v3.5.5

Maze Adventure is an action game with the phone accelerometer.
You need drive your jewelry to the destination without touching the dark and dangerous area. The level will up if you reach the target. There are 10 levels to overcome.

Killer checkers Killer checkers v1.09

Killer Checkers: kick their pieces off the board! Let the checkers fly!

Juggle Juggle v3.5.0

Juggle is a simple yet challenging game for your Android device. Your task is to draw lines to keep the ball in the air and direct it to the start position to score points. Use shorter lines to bounce the balls better. Try Juggle to improve your concentration and agility skills. Please note that this app is ad-supported. - Play a simple yet challenging game - Improve your concentration and agility skills - Enjoy entertaining background music

AngryYeti AngryYeti v9.0

It was a sunny day in the Tibetan mountains. A group of yeti's was out playing. When suddenly a group of researchers, saw the yeti's and captured them. An angry yeti known as moody was sleeping near by and was not captured. Moody must know became a hero and rescue his friends.

-Casual game
-Beautiful 2D/3D graphics
-Roll and grow as you gather snow
-Collect wild animals
-Collect exotic tibetan items

Score is based in time you spend playing the game and number of items you collect.

Crunch Maze Crunch Maze v1.0.3

★Welcome to “Crunch Maze”★
Boring maze? NO MORE!!
Addicting maze game endlessly fun!!

aMazing Andy aMazing Andy v6.02

It's here and it's fun!!! Let's play aMazing Andy...

TapTre TapTre v1.61

Are you fast and precise enough for this challenge?
TapTre frenetic tap Game
Tap the three moving balls in the correct sequence as quickly as you can, but beware, the balls will get smaller and move faster as the game goes on! It may start easy but soon becomes insane!
This game also has a fun way to record your rank using a PHOTO SCORE CHART.
Here you can watch the trailer

Mochi Stacker Mochi Stacker v1.4

Stack the mochi!!!

Fruit Sort Fruit Sort v2.0

Sort good fruits from the bad ones

Jungle Owl Challenge Jungle Owl Challenge v1.1

Help owl to land safely on ground.

Attack Of Colors Attack Of Colors v5.0

Try and catch as many objects (candy, box, ball,star, circle ... ).
Collect bonuses and Power Up.
Get as many points as you can.

Shoot Balloons Shoot Balloons v1.1.0

Shoot Balloons is a free fun game for kids and for all family where you have to pop balloons using the darts.

PlanetSavior PlanetSavior v1.1.9

Your Planet is being attacked by meteors, Its fate depend on you! Save the planet by destroy meteors.
Could you defend your planet?

ShuffleBoard ShuffleBoard v4.1

Slide pucks in the holes! A classic board game that requires accuracy and finesse!

BanaJungle BanaJungle v1.0.2

Your target are animals of the jungle but you have only a Banana to hit them!

Fruits United Fruits United v1.1

Amazing physics game in HD with over 800 challenging levels.