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Night Star Celebration Night Star Celebration v4.0.0

Night Star Celebration Live Wallpaper.

Silver Glossy Silver Glossy v4.0.0

Silver Glossy Live Wallpaper.

Androbot Live Wallpaper Androbot Live Wallpaper v2.4.2

Android robot playing trick on your home screen

Magnetic Pulsator full version Magnetic Pulsator full version v2.12

Magnetic pulsator uses formulas from quantum physics to simulate magnetic motions, which occur at the quantum level. This simulation creates fascinating and hypnotizing patterns. This live wallpaper is truly one of its kind, there is nothing similar on the market. Experience this never ending flow of strange magnetic wave patterns now!

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Dungeon Dungeon v1.0

Dungeon wizard.Beautiful live wallpaper for your phone.

Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper v1.2.2

Meet Piko, a cute penguin wandering around in your home screen

3D Sparkle Cubes Animation 3D Sparkle Cubes Animation v4.0.0

3D Sparkle Cubes Animation Live Wallpaper.

Metal Galaxy Metal Galaxy v4.0.0

Metal Galaxy Live Wallpaper.

Green Dots Reflectors Green Dots Reflectors v4.0.0

Green Dots Reflectors Live Wallpaper.

Wonderland Live Wallpaper Wonderland Live Wallpaper v1.1.2

Meet Aiko, a cute little girl playing in a beautiful wonderland.

Cute Penguins Live Wallpaper LWP Cute Penguins Live Wallpaper LWP v1.0

Hey there animal lovers! Check out this adorable penguin live wallpaper that will give everyone the warm fuzzies when they see it. This live wallpaper isn’t just to look at though; It’s an interactive and fun little game at the same time! Try to pop the little penguins showering the cute penguin and see how many you can pop in a row! It’s not as easy as you’d think! Post your high scores in the comments sections if you like!

Red Waves Red Waves v4.0.0

Red Waves Live Wallpaper.

Matrix Visualizer Matrix Visualizer v1.0

Matrix Wallpapers is a Matrix Visualizer live wallpapers that bring the Matrix to your device. Are You The Chosen One?

Gold Time Machine Gold Time Machine v4.0.0

Gold Time Machine Live Wallpaper.

Dancing Cat Live Wallpaper Dancing Cat Live Wallpaper v2.1.1

Meet Cilo, a cute cat wandering around and dancing in your home screen.

3D Cherry Blossom Livewallpaper 3D Cherry Blossom Livewallpaper v1.0.2

Cherry Blossom Wallpaper 3D!
Every spring pink cherry blossoms always come to us and show off her beauty.
Beautiful and Realitic Cherry Blossom will dance.

Mystic Sword Mystic Sword v4.0.0

Mystic Sword Live Wallpaper.

Battery Lights (Full) Battery Lights (Full) v1.1.0

Show your device's battery status, while ambient lights float on the background

Industrial Metal Floor Industrial Metal Floor v4.0.0

Industrial Metal Floor Live Wallpaper.

Face of Death Face of Death v4.0.0

Face of Death Live Wallpaper.