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Dreaming Clock Dreaming Clock v1.5

Dreaming Clock is a new type of clock which shows beautiful color and lights according to time. It's a live wallpaper, you can see it in home screen all the time.

Jelly Beans Rain Live Wallpaper Jelly Beans Rain Live Wallpaper v4.0.0

Jelly Beans Rain Live Wallpaper

Mistify Wallpaper Mistify Wallpaper v1.2

This wallpaper is like windows mystify screensaver, but with more features.

√ Thurn on/off motion blur effect.
√ Choose motion blur count.
√ Choose from 3 different shape ( line, 3-Sided Poligon, 4-Sided Poligon)
√ Choose shape count.
√ Change backgroun color.

TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers

Neon Magic Neon Magic v1.2

Neon magic 3D animated Live Wallpaper with orbit and gyroscopic controls, please see the demo video below of this amazing live wallpaper.

The Neon Magic live wallpaper includes five stunning sprite animations from a graphics industry professional, beautiful and mesmerizing. The live wallpaper responds to touch and gyroscope pan/tilt of your device. Idea for phones and tablets.

Magnificent Magnificent v1.0.1

A nice colorful live wallpaper for anybody and everybody to enjoy!

3D Train Tunnel Simulation Free 3D Train Tunnel Simulation Free v2

3D Train Tunnel Simulation is a real time rendered (hardware accelerated) very customizable 3D live wallpaper. The tunnel is dynamically random generated according to the settings.