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BeMeWeightPoints BeMeWeightPoints v1.4

Weight Watchers Points Calculator

BeMeMorse BeMeMorse v1.2

English to Morse, Morse to English Translator

aiAntiPiracy aiAntiPiracy v1.0.2

Is your phone in the "Black List" of pirated devices? You are buying phone from eBay and want to know is it clean? Do you install illegal copies of applications? Do you want to protect yourself from piracy?

Check your phone for piracy threat level.
Be sure you are clean!

ContactSync ContactSync v1.1

This application is a workaround for an issue found on some Android devices: the impossibility of Google-synchronized contacts creation.
It makes all the contacts synchronized with Google.

Groupie Groupie v1.0

Groupie is a Live Folder implementation which allows you to select a contact group as the data source.

QuickPickerFree QuickPickerFree v1.0.2

Quick Picker Free (PB) is a utility for quick picking Powerball lottery numbers.

BrowseImage BrowseImage v2.5.2

Quickly scroll and view your photos and images in a efficient and fast way,view as fullscreen, edit your photos with this simple but useful everyday utility.

Voda200Plus Voda200Plus v1.3

This application is calculate all outgoing call, and analyze it...

EmailAlbum Viewer EmailAlbum Viewer v1.2.0

Your relatives send you pictures in Zip archives or EmailAlbum jars ?
No need to extract them, just watch them within a touch !

CloudStock CloudStock v1.8

CloudStock is an Amazon S3 manager and file transfer client. It supports transfers up to 5GB and comes with a local file browser. Push your photos, videos or documents in one click and get a short URL for Facebook, Twitter or any message service. Backup and transfer entire folders using transparent compressed archives.

AndFire AndFire v1.2

It is a android firewal software,It support to message filter,block calls,app firewall,ftp pop3 smtp block and virus firewall.You can block some network application software to help you save flow! - 它是一款Android 防火墙软件,主要支持黑名单信息过滤,阻止来电,应用软件阻止网络,FTP,POP3,SMTP阻止,病毒防火墙等,你可以阻止一些联网的应用软件,帮助你节约网络流量!

ping yin call ping yin call v1.1

search contact by pingyin of name

Droid Proxy Droid Proxy v1.0

Droid proxy is a proxy web browser for the Android OS.

C2F Converter C2F Converter v1.1

Temperature converter

GeoRecorder GeoRecorder v1.6

The ONLY GPS logger app you'll ever need on android platform!

Key features:
* Automatically log your location when you use Google Map, Foursquare or any other app that uses GPS information
* Save logged data in KML, GPX or CSV format
* View logged tracks in built-in map view

Backup & restore database
Bug fixes

Hot Topics Hot Topics v1.01

Want to know what's trending on the web at any moment?
This app shows you the latest trending topics from several different sources around the web. From twitter to google search and other content aggregators.

Fone Stats Fone Stats v1.1

Fone Stats is a simple free tool that provides you with detailed information about your android phone.

My Blog My Blog v1.0.3

Retrouvez toute l'actu de l'emploi, nos conseils pour vos candidatures, les salons de l'emploi, etc...

Modern Compass Modern Compass v1.11

The modern compass points to the destination instead of to the north.

LuckyWheel LuckyWheel v1.02

This is a fun and useful little software. It can help you to quickly make some decisions, such as: Which restaurant are we going to now? Which film shall we go and see? Whom would you like to go to attend the conference? And ... who should I vote?