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Happy Birthday! Lite Happy Birthday! Lite v1.0

App "Happy Birthday! Lite" combines a gallery of more than one hundred colorful greeting cards that meet the most exquisite taste and gives the opportunity to congratulate happy birthday by sending selected card via e-mail.

Indian Food Recipes Indian Food Recipes v1.0

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach,’ housewives or professional ladies if really think so can grab their hands on online Indian Food Recipes, and feel the taste of exotic flavors of India.

Youm7 Youm7 v1.0

An application to view Youm7 Newspaper and updated content from Their Facebook page with ability to view details.

MarketList MarketList v2.0

market alışverişi artık çok daha kolay, çok daha hızlı ! ürününü seç listeni oluştur !

A-Link A-Link v2.01

This simple Android app opens the Android Browser and loads the Amazon mobile web site. Provide you with a quick and easy one touch access to Amazon. Simply place this app on the Android home (desktop). Use it like a Windows shortcut or an URL link.

Kampanyalar Fırsatlar Kampanyalar Fırsatlar v1.0

Firmaların ve Kredi kartlarının kampanyalarına ve fiyat indirimi fırsatlarına ulaşabileceğiniz bir uygulama.'in katkılarıyla...

Harem Harem v1.2.1

Fun Dating Game:
Flirt, meet people, compete and have fun in a role playing game of harem owners and servants. Harem masters and mistresses try to capture popular females and males.

Join thousands of active users who participate via our mobile apps, web apps or facebook app. Meet them while having fun competing for harem supremacy.

Mister Spaghetti Mister Spaghetti v1.0.1 (Improved performance, fix market problem)

The spaghetti measure is really clever: grab a bundle of dry pasta,put it on the display and it will measure out 1-4 servings using its aperture-like ring. No more wasted pasta or still-hungry regrets!
Mr Spaghetti offers also a wonderful kitchen timer and several video recipes!

free until 02/2011

Weatherlove Weatherlove v0.9.4

Weatherlove - weather, clock, love.

Animals Animals v1.0

Make you friends blow their minds out trying to guess what animal your acting out! With 50 random animals! Includes things like badger and beaver and Alligators. Enjoy a fun game with other friends on your weekly game nights. Challenge each other to try and score more. free apps, social, lifestyle, questions, content, game, games

Quotes of Motivation Quotes of Motivation v1.0

Install this to your Android device and get 2 - 10 new quotes a day. Share it to facebook to make your life more colorful. Keep connected to the Internet to get more quotes. visit our page for other interesting apps.

Super Horoscope Super Horoscope v3.5

Super Horoscope is a professional horoscope app. It not only supports daily or monthly astrology readings and horoscope, but also supports daily or monthly love&relationship or finance&career horoscope. And the most unbelievable thing is it can foresee more than ten days, not only today!

Flowers Astrology Flowers Astrology v1.2

Why you like Rose not Sunflower..?
Why you Dis like Honeysuckle..
Is your characters have influence on your favorite flowers..? The answer is Yes definitely!
Flower Astrology may actually tell based on your favorite flower It tells: 
- Your personality...
- Your Nature..

- Your inner self... 

- Your outer self... 
and lot more! 

Read our analysis and think yourself to agree! So, what's your favorite flower?
Take a look at the list of Flower Astro in this app and choose one.

Christian Quotes Christian Quotes v1.0

Christian Quotes application is the most great collection of Holy quotes for Jesus followers and real christians.

xCurrency xCurrency v1.0

Live Currency conversion.

YokubariDiary YokubariDiary v1.1.1

“YokubariDiary” is an application of diary that allows users to record all of the information women need.

Mirror Mirror v1.1

Simple Mirror application. Uses your front camera to display your image.

What is our love? What is our love? v1.0

Are you made ​​to live together? The answer lies in this app!

Hot Deals Widget Hot Deals Widget v1.0.4

Add this widget to your home screen to see the latest Lightning deal before it's all claimed!

This widget will automatically update every 15 minutes when the screen is on (and every 30 minutes when the screen is off).

Truths Or Dares Truths Or Dares v1.0

I dare you to download this app. This version of Truth or Dare is awesome. To play, open the app and ask someone truth or dare. View until you get a truth/dare option that you like. Just how good are you with games? Play with each other and have fun together. truths, dares, free app, games, entertainment, lifestyle