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app will no longer open/cannot communicate w/bn server

All of a sudden i a getting an error message (on my samsung impression tablet i10-80) when i try to open my nook app that says cannot communicate with barnes and noble servers. All of my other apps work as well as email and internet. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall several times but it still doesn't work. Someone please help! I need my nook!


Hi, I am unable to download this app via slide me (it tells me there is a problem parsing) I have no idea what this means...

I have successfully downloaded the app using the web browser via my pandigital novel reader but when ever i try to open the app it just forces close... :( I am stuck as I can't get anything to work on here so far and I just want to download text books for my study!

Any help will be much appreciated! :)


It wont let me read any of my books at all! it keeps saying "Could not open this book at this time please try again later"

Pandigital SuperNova tablet

Downloaded this app to my tablet. Need to know if there is a way to change font size?? Only allows margins & line spacing change. The small options for margins & line spacing still shows a font that is way to big!! ??