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Java, Spring, Hibernate, Android
Programming, sci-fi, fantasy, board games, music, workig out

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Quest!: Swords And Spells Quest!: Swords And Spells v1.9

The first Roguelike Fantasy Dungeon Crawler RPG game written for Android!

Drive back the Orc Menace from Skuld Island and your home town Ilya, uncover the sources of the evil and defeat it!

Find new spells and weapons, solve quests, get rewards, advance skills/level - become a hero!

Ricochet Ricochet v2.1

Ricochet - The fun and addictive game where you put your triangulation and physics skills to the test!

Splat!: Bugs II Splat!: Bugs II v2.0

Try Splat!: Bugs II - the sequel to the addictive and fun bugsquishin' game for your phone: Splat!: Bugs!

Splat!: Bugs III Splat!: Bugs III v1.2

Try Splat!: Bugs III - time for revenge! The addictive and fun bugsquishin' sequel to Splat!: Bugs I & II!

Stick And Joy Stick And Joy v2.0

Pictures say more than a thousand words - but smileys are SO last millennium! :-)

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