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Fireplace II Fireplace II v1.1.0

That's a cool simulation that can turn any regular day into a remarkable, hot and romantic adventure for two, or simply keep you warm in a cold night. This application resembles a cracking and crackling realistic fireplace throwing sparks and playing sound that you can also set as your live wallpaper on devices running Android 2.1+ or as a static wallpaper on devices 2.0 and below. You can even touch the fire to create sparks with haptic feedback. We wish you a joyful warm-up ;)

Flower Gift Flower Gift v1.0.0

Never end up missing a flower at hand again.
Use this virtual flower replacement to present it as a gift anytime you need it or just hand it over to surprise and entertain someone you love. Just plant the seed wherever you want it to grow, give it some patience, shed the light of your smiles upon it and in a minute it will blossom into a beautiful wild rose, presenting you with a random but sincere wish. You can also set it as your live wallpaper on devices running Android OS 2.1+.

HD Christmas Live Wallpaper HD Christmas Live Wallpaper v1.2.4

Make your phone's look stylish and unique! Our high definition Christmas Live Wallpaper offers you the comfort of Christmas Eve on your phone screen. It's specifically designed for devices that support multiple home screens. Sliding both directions will uncover our beautiful Christmas home.
This application is an interactive animated background, it can be set on your home screen as a live wallpaper on devices running Android OS 2.1+.

Lady Wallpaper Lady Wallpaper v1.2.0

Unique, stylish and one-of-its-kind, this live wallpaper offers yet another excellent opportunity to express your personality and style. On unlocking your phone it plays tender thunderbolts and lightnings are flashing around the skull background all the time. Challenge yourself and the others around you with something impressive and different. The sound could be switched off or its volume get tuned when you set it up. Enjoy this fine lady theme.

Little Prince Rose Little Prince Rose v1.1.0

Little Prince Rose animation and Live Wallpaper. Enjoy this fine Love and Romantic St. Valentine's theme. Now you can add more leaves and rearrange their falling position by touching around.

Magic Ripple Koi Magic Ripple Koi v1.0

This stunning wallpaper also simulates rain drops faling over the water pond of the Koi fishes and converts any of your touch on the device's screen to a rippling water wave.
The fairy crap is a divine fish that is used to take your business to new levels of development, also for taking exams successfully. You can also set it as your live wallpaper on devices running Android OS 2.1+.

Martenitsa Martenitsa v1.0.0

We wish You a "Happy Grandma Marta !" :) with this free virtual martenitsa.
Пожелаваме Ви "Честита Баба Марта !" :) с тази виртуална мартеница.

Metronome Metronome v1.1.0

This little metronome can prove handy when in need of setting rhythm between 40 and 208 beats per minute (BPM) by both light, vibration or sound. It also uses the A note at 440Hz as sound output so it can further help tune up your musician experience.
Note that for increased convenience it was intentionally implemented to work (measure beats) in background, even when the screen is locked. Normal exit by pressing the BACK key.

Morse Code Morse Code v2.1.0

Codes and decodes texts and SMSs in morse code of sound, light, vibration and symbols. Allows for custom encryption codes shared with your friends for an encrypted SMS communication.

Moving Water Pond HD Moving Water Pond HD v1.4

Moving water over a beautiful stone in a pond with relaxing bubbling sound for your relief, relaxation or deep sleep that you can also set as your live wallpaper on devices running Android OS 2.1+. For even more realistic experience the live wallpaper also reacts on moving and touching the phone with faster ripples.

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