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Rippling Skull on Fire Rippling Skull on Fire v1.0

This is an amazing way of underlining your unique style.
Drops are falling on the flaming skull in a way to make the skull and flames look original by changing their shapes.
You can make waving and rippling shapes of your own by touching the screen.
You can also set it as your live wallpaper on devices running Android OS 2.1+.

Sexy Heartbeat Sexy Heartbeat v1.3.0

Make your day a special one spicing up some more romance. Present your beloved one with an unexpected romantic surprise. Let him keep in her/his very hands a realistically beating heart showing romantic wishes.
There is also a live wallpaper bundled in this app for your everyday experience on devices running Android 2.1 and above. Enjoy!
Now you can also add more hearts and rearrange their falling position by touching around.

Summer Rain Lightning HD Summer Rain Lightning HD v1.3

Heavy rain over a glass window looking at golden summer fields. Streaming and dripping waters and a stimulating hail sounds of the raindrops for your relaxation or deep sleep that you can also set as your live wallpaper on devices running Android OS 2.1+

Talking Shark Pet Santa Outfit Talking Shark Pet Santa Outfit v1.0

How about renting your precious time and phone real estate to a delightful and fun pet to care about in return to tons of laugh, fun, music and Christmas experience. This app can guarantee you all that.
Have you ever had a dangerous predator as a shark for your pet? It seems just the right time to grab one not risking your life and health, on the contrary, it can be very entertaining instead. You can put all fears aside with your new, totally cool buddy.

Tulips and Butterflies Tulips and Butterflies v1.0

This is a beautiful live wallpaper wish swinging tulips and flying butterflies. Make your phone screen unique and authentic. Relax or just enjoy the spring.
This animated background can be set on your home screen as a live wallpaper on devices running Android OS 2.1+

Valentine Hearts Valentine Hearts v1.2.0

When you want to enjoy the smile of Your beloved one, make her/him an unexpected romantic surprise with the help of this little app. The secret message hides not just words, but also a big beating heart.

Vibro Morse Vibro Morse v1.1.2

Challenge Your senses! Enjoy a relaxing massage that can rise your spirits. Wanna know how? Using this little helper app you can utilize and apply not just three levels of massaging vibrations to part of your body, but also enter a customized message of yours that will be implied to your subconsciousness by vibrating its equivalent Morse code while playing a gentle wind-chimes sound for a effectively relaxing and thriving combination.

Virtual Mirror Safe Walk Virtual Mirror Safe Walk v0.8.1

Be beautiful,be you,be sexy wherever you are. Stay safe using yr phone on move. Lady Mirror gives you all that in one mobile application, because you phone is your secret beauty weapon. Carefully designed for woman that can shine even on the move. The application provides a handy mirror wherever you need it plus a Live Wallpaper keeping a moving picture of what's in front of you right in your view scope. You can also use it to stare at someone unnoticed :)

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