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Reflex Reflex v1.2

A simple ping pong kind of game.The player in blue color is you and the one in red is the computer.The aim is to maximize the time of resistance to the computer player by avoiding any miss of ball at your side.
Keep practicing and increase the time..
Good luck!!

Reflex Builder Reflex Builder v1.4

Reflex Builder is an app which can measure your reflex.
Using this app you can measure you reflex ability, the speed at which you can respond to a stimulus.The working of the App is simple press 'Start' button to begin and wait When the 'Click Me' appears on the screen,then immediately click the button. the App will display the delay of your response in milliseconds.Keep trying..You can improve your reflex speed by continuous practice and concentration.

Sara's Cookies Sara's Cookies v1.1

Read & Experiment wonderful cookie recipes like
Chocolate Toffee Cookies
Coconut Butter Cookies
Danish Butter Cookies
Date Cookies
Low Fat Oatmeal Cookies
Mexican Sugar Cookies
Nutricious Toffee
Orange Cookies
Polish Cookies
Whole Wheat Cookies

Sports Festival 2012 Sports Festival 2012 v1.0

Complete information about Olympic 2012 held at UK

Schedule and Results
Torch Relay
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App is ad supported.may contain push notifications

Stock Market Watch Stock Market Watch v1.6

The best ever App for indian stock market updates, BSE SENSEX updates,quotes of shares and Stock market news

Technology News Technology News v1.0

Stay tuned to latest technology news.
Lets tech think and share the spirit..

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