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linkle contact exchange linkle contact exchange v1.0.3

“linkle contact exchange” is the best application to exchange phone number or mail address.

Peace Camera Peace Camera v1.0.3

"Peace Camera" is a camera app that we can use safely in case 'we worry about the flash sounds and we don’t want to leave the privacy information such as the location, date and time'.

Quick picture backup to SD card Quick picture backup to SD card v1.1.0

It is an application to back up pictures to the SD card preparing for terminal failure/loss or change model.

Selfie Gallery Selfie Gallery v1.0.4

This is an photo board app that anyone can easily contribute their portrait photos(called “Selfie”) and share with others around the world.

Small Camera Small Camera v1.0.1

Reduce a shooting photo to the size of the feature phone automatically

Voisnap Camera Voisnap Camera v1.0.1

Voisnap Camera(Photo with sound) is a Camera App that records the sounds of the moment you take the photo.

You can keep your photo private, or make it public and share with other users.

Also, you can share your photos on Facebook and Twitter, so that your friends or followers can see and hear your photos.

Give it a try!

Also, we also provide Voisnap camera’s website. You can see various photos with sounds from other users.

Women's Stamp Calendar Women's Stamp Calendar v1.0.6

"Women's Stamp Scheduler" is an innovative application that allows users to input the plan on your calendar quickly.

YokubariDiary YokubariDiary v1.1.1

“YokubariDiary” is an application of diary that allows users to record all of the information women need.

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