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Programming Action Script 3, JavaScript, C#, Object Pascal, C++ In software development since 2004. Developed software for air traffic control simulation and professional training and indie games. Mostly proud by the development of algorithms of - air traffic control automatic exercise generation (it became a part of my PhD thesis), - air traffic sector capacity/collision risk quick assessment, - AI for turn-based strategy game which plays fairly and provides a challenge for a human, - particle engine to emulate heavy snowfall on the screen, which reacts to the player’s touch, - self-adjusting difficulty level in a shooter defense.
Math, programming, AI, strategy games, puzzles

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5 Brain Teasers 5 Brain Teasers v4

It's time to challenge your brain! Use your brain to solve 5 fun puzzle in 3 difficulty levels.

Snow Relax Snow Relax v1.0.5

Real snow on your screen: you swipe and control it. Great for relaxation, especially within the current weather conditions :)

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