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Guitar Tuner Guitar Tuner v1.0

Launch day special, 5 days for FREE. Download while you can. Lazy to carry your heavy and bulky acoustic guitar around? You can have it in your mobile phone when you download this application. Tap on the buttons of this application and you can play your mobile guitar right away.

Hungry fish Hungry fish v1.0

Our main character “Joke” is a shark from Atlantic. He needs to fight with enemies to make himself strong enough. In order to grow up, Joke is looking for more little fish. There are 5 kinds of fish.1) Rogue fish: Easily angry, strong attack. 2) Red fish: Wander around , good appetite 3) Green fish: Mild, only eat little fish Risk 4) Yellow fish: The smallest fish, no danger 5) Blue fish: Very rare species, give you a big surprise Let's start the game.

Learn Math with Danny Learn Math with Danny v1.0

Danny's math class is opening.Danny teaches all children to learn mathematics,Let's begin with the simplest,go from the easy to the difficult and complicated.Everyone will find that mathematics is very interesting in the learning process!

Mahjong Solitaire Mahjong Solitaire v5.0

Mahjong theme with 3D effect. You just need to eliminate the same patterns mahjong as many as possible. Beautiful pictures and creative design make the game more shining.

MyFirstLittleHorse MyFirstLittleHorse v1.0

Launch Day special...for free for 3 days. If your kids love horses, this is the app for them!These horses are really dirty, someone has to wash them!With iWash they can soap, rinse, dry and finally brush them!It's so much fun!Ten cute horses to wash!**App tip: if you shake the device you can access a menu to skip the current animal and go wash a new one **

Paint with Happy sheep Paint with Happy sheep v1.0

Its time to paint with happy sheep.
Join happy sheep and his friends in this popular colouring game.
Bright colors are popular among the children.
The 7th button on the left side is a palette.
A drawing game for kids. This is a perfect app to keep your 5 year old busy

Paint with Mickey Paint with Mickey v1.3

Would you like to give the children a surprise or to give him one more interesting game? A new concept game brings a nice drawing show to the children.
Bright colors make the children like it very much.
It is easy to play. The players just need to click the selected color, then the nice picture will come out.

Pocket Speedometer Pocket Speedometer v1.0

Have you ever want to test out how fast your car, your boat, or your bike is going? Here is a handy tool. This applications make your android device to become a pocket Speedometer. It uses the GPS to measure how fast your vehicle is going. It is a perfect tools to track how fast you can go instead of relaying on the car's speedometer.
Download for free while you can, first 5 days for Free only.

Solitaire Solitaire v3.5.1

It provides players with different options such as drawing 1 or 3 cards, standard scoring or Vegas scoring, etc.

Space Wars Space Wars v1.2

Launch day special, 5 days for FREE. Download while you can. Enemy ships are approaching and your mission is to save the world. Get your fighter jet ready as you face the greatest enemy onslaught ever before in

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