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Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus v9.1.283

WordNet® is a large lexical database of English with up to 140,000 entries and more than 1.4 million words, developed by the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University.

DORLAND'S/GRAY'S Pocket Atlas of Anatomy DORLAND'S/GRAY'S Pocket Atlas of Anatomy v8.0.249

This pocket atlas is your best way to reference anatomy on the go! It combines superb definitions from Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary with phenomenal illustrations from Gray's Anatomy for Students, for an unprecedented level of accuracy and visual clarity.

American Idioms Dictionary American Idioms Dictionary v8.0.249

McGraw-Hill's American Idioms Dictionary shows you the ropes of English and helps you еxpand your English-speaking abilities with these 14,000-plus expressions, proverbs, and common sayings, listed alphabetically.

Spanish Learn and Guess Spanish Learn and Guess v1.0.0

Learn Spanish Easily!

മലയാളപാഠം മലയാളപാഠം v1.2

Learn To Read And Write Malayalam With Ease.

English Welsh Dictionary FREE English Welsh Dictionary FREE v2.0.0

Geiriadur Saesneg-Cymraeg a Cymraeg-Saesneg.
The only Offline English-Welsh Dictionary for Android! More than 14.900 words! FREE!

German Swedish Dictionary FREE German Swedish Dictionary FREE v2.0.0

Offline German-Swedish Dictionary. Tysk-Svensk Ordbok. Deutsch-Schwedisch Wörterbuch.
More than 14.700 words! FREE!