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Fleet Attack Fleet Attack v1.3

Place your ships on the board and begin the battle.

Glass Balls Glass Balls v4.3

You need to place the balls in the color zones.
But remember, time is running out.
New balls are added on the field faster.

GEM GEM v1.057

Simple and Tactical card game

Azedeem End of Era Azedeem End of Era v2.02

Azedeem: End of Era is a fantasy trading card game.

Alcatraz Chess Alcatraz Chess v2.2.4

Play against a highly skilled chess opponent!

Magic LifePoints Magic LifePoints v2.0

Counter for Magic the gathering life points, list of all expansions symbols.

Fuchs und Henne Fuchs und Henne v1.2.8

El clásico juego de mesa El Zorro y los Gansos para tablet y móbil.
Es Gratis!

Puluc Puluc v1.8.5

Puluc is a running-fight board game originating in Mesoamerica (a little bit similar to backgammon).

Do not get angry Do not get angry v1.2

Game is a variant of the board game Ludo.

Exceed7 Exceed7 v1.1

Make a higher number by matching three piece of same number

The Game of the Goose The Game of the Goose v1.0.3

The object of the game is to be the first to reach the goal.

Jumping Marble Solitaire Jumping Marble Solitaire v1.1.4

Get the classic game Marble Solitaire adaptation by GavApps. This is an old board game with interesting features and different levels of difficulty.
The game requires your imagination, intelligence and patience to solve it.

Sticky Numbers Sticky Numbers v1.2

Sticky Numbers is a simple logical game.

Ludo with Friends Ludo with Friends v1.2

Ludo with Friends is the perfect family Multiplayer Board Game. Classic rules!

Ball Total Ball Total v1.02

Best 3D ball Balance with real physics
Test your skills maneuvering ball to the hole.

Chess online 2016 Chess online 2016 v1.1.2

Chess Online 2016 - Unique production for Chess players.

With stunning graphics and unique gameplay, we guarantee that you will have the best time playing this game.

Blindfold Chess Training Blindfold Chess Training v2.3.2

Audio chess exercises

Trick Wars Trick Wars v1.01

Trick Wars - conquer star empires of hex world!

Crowdout Crowdout v1.0.1


The winner is the first player to gain six opposing marbles from the opponent.

CChess 2016 CChess 2016 v1.1.1

New online Chinese chess (Xiangqi) game with beautiful graphic and totally free