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PolyAnalyser PolyAnalyser v1.1

The Polynomial Analyser App is used to solve typical algebra problems such as Polynomial Factoring, Expansion and simplification of Polynomials, finding Roots or Zeros of Polynomials

Letter Writing Letter Writing v1.0

Letter writing app is for preschool & kindergarten kids to learn writing capital & small alphabets.

Magical Seeds Magical Seeds v7.2

Nurse a healthy plant with the sprouting of a seed! It is a magical experience!

Resistor Calculator Resistor Calculator v1.02

Resistor Calculator

RJ45 Colors and Connections RJ45 Colors and Connections v1.02

RJ45 Cables Colors and Connections

Ants Ants v8.4

This interactive game unlocks knowledge about the growth of ants and their special functions in an unique society!

Cool Math Games Cool Math Games v1.0

Simple and fun math games for practice.

Little Tooth's fairy Little Tooth's fairy v1.5.0

Learn how and why to brush your teeth in a fun way. With PitiClic! Fairy Tale, Game & Coloring Book

GRE Hit Parade GRE Hit Parade v1.0.3

An effective way to learn 200 most common words in the GRE test.

GoumySticks GoumySticks v1.1.4

Goumy helps your toddlers to learn ordering items by size

My Toothbrush My Toothbrush v8.4

Make brushing teeth a cool habit for kids!

Keiner Fliege Keiner Fliege v1.4.2

Keiner Fliege unterstützt dich beim Einkaufen, beim Kochen und vor allem beim Beantworten allseits beliebter Fragen zu den Themen Veganismus und Tierrechte.

Heavy Machines Heavy Machines v8.4

Learn the heavy machines and their functions! Play and have fun!

MyChildsMathsReception MyChildsMathsReception v1.0.2

Increase your child’s learning activity with over 160 questions and answers to practice on.

Minimizer Minimizer v1.0

Minimizer is an android app for allocating subjects to different arms of a clinical trial using minimization method

Cleaning Fun Cleaning Fun v8.4

Make a fun day of face care and housework with Miumiu in 3D!

Preschool Kids Math Preschool Kids Math v1.1

Tracing numbers game for 3-5 year olds. Safe and engaging educational app.

Pinchpenny Mouse2 Pinchpenny Mouse2 v1.03

It is a interactive story book about a friendship between one mouse and a mole!.

Mental Maths Mental Maths v1.0.2

Mental arithmetic game to learn mathematics,for schools kids age up to nine.

Numbers for kids Numbers for kids v2

Numbers for kids exercises with numbers from 0 to 1000 with children.