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Sea Waves Sea Waves v2.0

Sea Waves - live wallpaper for android phones with sea waves, that washes the shores of the beach. Summer, sea, beach - just take a rest, use and enjoy these live wallpaper for free!

Cute Sky Cute Sky v1.00


** Please put screen in Portrait mode before setting wallpaper! Once it is set, you can put it in Landscape! **

Cute Sky... For long has mankind wanted his skies to be cute. Finally that dream has come to pass! Cute Sky!

* Color-change rainbows!
* Rippling cirles!
* Waving branches!

Niagara Falls Live Wallpaper Niagara Falls Live Wallpaper v1.3

Niagara Falls with a cool light blue sky full of light and sharp white clouds

Scary Night Scary Night v1.0

Designed for Android versions from 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above.

Flying Dangerous Eagle on a Scary Night. Eagle will fly across an haunted house.

Summertime Live Wallpaper Summertime Live Wallpaper v1.3

Summer mood and good decoration on your android is guaranteed with this live wallpaper! The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, butterflies fly, birds are singing and pot of honey on the table - enjoy it!)

Earth 3d Wallpaper Earth 3d Wallpaper v1.0.3

3d hd earth on your screen. True full 3d, no imitations or moving flat pictures.
There are night lights and clouds. It rotates smoothly and has day and night changes.

Smooth motion and highly detailed.

Valley house Valley house v1.1

House in a mountain valley live wallpaper.

Night Chapel Wood Night Chapel Wood v1.0.0

Feel and watch the charming scenery of Night Chapel Wood on your android screen!

Aquarium live Aquarium live v1.1

Aquarium live wallpaper. Enjoy!

Wind Turbines Live HD Wind Turbines Live HD v1.0

Beautiful 3D live wallpaper for your Android device.

Spring Coffee Spring Coffee v1.0

Wonderful live wallpaper of spring with beautiful grass, daisies and butterflies, which are pouring coffee into a mug.

Glowing Red Lantern Glowing Red Lantern v1.0.0

Feel and watch the gloomy shade from glowing red lantern on your android screen!

Magic Touch Waterfall LWP Magic Touch Waterfall LWP v2.0

Enjoy the beauty Waterfall Magic Touch Live Wallpaper for FREE

Feel the magic touch effect from this live wallpaper, you can touch and play and see the magic effect works.

You can choose 4 different waterfall picture or choose your own image from your Phone /SD Card

This Live Wallpaper has been optimized to consume as little as possible battery power.

Sunshine Live Wallpaper Sunshine Live Wallpaper v1.0

Sunshine Live Wallpaper.

How to install:
Home -> Press Menu -> Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpaper -> Select Sunshine Live Wallpaper From List -> Click Set Wallpaper

Butterfly Zen Garden LWP Butterfly Zen Garden LWP v1.6

Enjoy the beauty of Butterfly Zen Garden Live Wallpaper for FREE

Butterfly Zen Garden is interactive and entertaining Live Wallpaper.

You can Touch, Hit, & Play the interactive flying butterfly item. Show this entertaining Butterfly Zen Garden Live Wallpaper to your friend.

Beauty Autumn LWP Beauty Autumn LWP v1.2

Enjoy the beauty of Autumn Live Wallpaper in the garden with animated falling leaves. Get Autumn Live Wallpaper for FREE

Autumn Live Wallpaper is interactive and entertaining Live Wallpaper.

You can Touch, Hit, & Play this entertaining Autumn Live Wallpaper

Bird Flight (Free) Bird Flight (Free) v1.0

Have you every wished you could fly with the birds – now you finally can with the Bird Flight Live Wallpaper.

Bird Flight celebrates the wonder of birds, each species has a different name for it's flocking behaviour. One of the most stunning is a Murmuration of Starlings that appear at Dusk prior to migration months in Europe and North america.

Bible Scripture Free Scenic Live Wallpaper Bible Scripture Free Scenic Live Wallpaper v1.2

Bible verses and beautiful scenes from Gods creation await you with every refresh of your screen. This free live wallpaper can be set to display verses with many topics such as "Wisdom", "Encouragement", "Peace", and more.

HD Hubble NASA Scenes Free Live Wallpaper HD Hubble NASA Scenes Free Live Wallpaper v1.5

HD Hubble NASA Scenes Live Wallpaper brings the wonders of space to your phone with over 75 incredible High Definition images from the NASA Hubble Space Telescope. A new image is displayed on the backround of your phone with every refresh of your screen.
You will see galaxies, nebula, planets, stars, and other amazing space images.

Tropical Beach Paradise Free Live Wallpaper Tropical Beach Paradise Free Live Wallpaper v1.4

Beautiful beaches, palm trees, and white sand await you with every refresh of your screen. Tropical beach scenes from all over the world including the Caribbean, South Pacific, Bora Bora, Tahiti, and more. Relax and enjoy a little bit of paradise on your phone.