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Shark Attack Shark Attack v1.3

Hungry Shark Jaws Attack!

Be very afraid to dip your fingers in to your home screen with this stunning shark attack 3D live wallpaper. Navigate your home screen in a finger ripping frenzy as the shark attacks touch points. Your going to need a bigger boat for sure.

The Autumn Fall Leaves The Autumn Fall Leaves v1.0.0

Feel and watch the calming scenery of autumn fall season on your android screen!

Sunny Island 3D Live Wallpaper Sunny Island 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0

3D Live Wallpaper. Beach, volcano and palm trees. The sky changes depending on what time it is. The wallpaper also moves while changing home screen pages.

Cat And Mouse Live Wallpaper Cat And Mouse Live Wallpaper v1.0

Live wallpaper for your android with a nice little cat, who playing with gray mouse.

Darling Little Tiger Live Wallpaper Darling Little Tiger Live Wallpaper v1.0

Look at this live wallpaper with pretty and beautiful funny little tiger!) He is blink his eyes, enjoying nature, and moves his little paw on the stones.

Sniffing Dog 2.0 Sniffing Dog 2.0 v2.0

It is your beloved funny and cute dog that sniffs screen.

Cat Under Snow Wallpaper Cat Under Snow Wallpaper v1.0

Amazing fuzzy red cat climbed a tree stump in the water. He gets real pleasure from such a thick snow.
Use these live wallpaper for free!)

Beautiful Animals HD Wallpapers Beautiful Animals HD Wallpapers v1.0

Look at this amazing beautiful HD Live Wallpapers with animals!
Here is bear, fox, lion, monkey, panther, panda, horse, deer, polar bear, squirrel, rabbit, duck, hedgehog, penguin, eagle, giraffe and others...
Use for free and enjoy!)

Funny Dogs And Cats Wallpapers Funny Dogs And Cats Wallpapers v1.0

Beautiful live wallpapers with funny and lovely dogs and cats. Use for free and enjoy!)

3D Living Aquarium 3D Living Aquarium v1.11

Stunningly designed relaxing fish tank for those who want to have their own aquarium on the phone.

Dandelion Live Wallpaper Dandelion Live Wallpaper v4.0.0

Dandelion Live Wallpaper.

waterdrop waterdrop v1.0

WaterDrop live wallpaper

Heavy Fall of Rain Heavy Fall of Rain v4.0.0

Heavy Fall of Rain Live Wallpaper.

Cherry Juice Live Wallpaper Cherry Juice Live Wallpaper v4.0.0

Bubbly, cute, enticing, and delicious. Add an energetic pop to your phone as sassy as you.

3D Animated Bee Flying 3D Animated Bee Flying v4.0.0

Animated Bee Flying on your screen Live Wallpaper.