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Craftsman match3 Craftsman match3 v1.17

Classic 3-match game with additional elements.

Cquence Cquence v1.1

Can you find the path to reach the numbers?

RunningChild RunningChild v1.0.4

You lost your way in the jungle. Run, run,.... Monsters are coming!

Mind the Overlap Mind the Overlap v1.0.2

Mind the Overlap is a deceptively simple puzzle game based on a famous optimization problem called JobShop.

Shapes Shapes v1.0

SHAPES is a minimal and relaxing puzzle game.

Jelly Bomb Jelly Bomb v1.0.0

Make chain explosions to get rid of jelly bears!

Connector Connector v1.2

Connect every piece to another piece: leave no endpoint unconnected!

Devs Like Waffles FREE Devs Like Waffles FREE v1.0.5

A silly falling block puzzle game about putting butter and syrup on waffles

Devs Like Waffles Devs Like Waffles v1.0.17

A silly falling block puzzle game about putting butter and syrup on waffles

Spy In A Box Spy In A Box v1.0.6

You're on an undercover mission
Help our top secret agent Mr. Spy reaching the spot where the spy is hidden with confidential documents. Your path is full of obstacles and traps !
Player has to rotate a 6-sided box in which Mr. Spy is hiding through any sides to move it on the tiled surface.
Keep track of your Spy moves, the fewer moves you make; sooner and safely you reach the destination.

Master Of Math Master Of Math v0.0.4

★★★ A fun and awesome math quiz. ★★★

Paladin Traducer Paladin Traducer v1.0.11

Defeat the Paladins with an army of three-color-matching Puzzle Demons.

NumBoard - Number Game NumBoard - Number Game v1.2

Follow The Numbers Correctly Against Some Challenges

Hockey Puzzle Free Hockey Puzzle Free v1.07

Hockey Puzzle - is an exciting and complicated logic game in unblock style.

Squares Squares v1.0

Make all squares blue. Simple, right?

walking bird walking bird v1.0.1

Intelligent people walk a farther distance!

Tetrobits Tetrobits v1.2

The world renown Brick Game is back! The game that reminisce our childhood days, with a cool new Bricks and new Mechanic Buttons that will Spice up the game we've known and loved, with improved controls and an all-new modernize Retina display Graphics perfect to attract new generation gamer's!

Jewel X Mania Jewel X Mania v1.0.0

Match crystals to craft explosive jewels!

TripleCandy TripleCandy v1.0.8

Candy combination party! Play Triple Candy!

Logic Puzzle Kingdom Logic Puzzle Kingdom v1.21

Logic Puzzle Kingdom is a collection of 7 logic puzzle games.