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Fairy Falling Snow LWP Fairy Falling Snow LWP v1.0

Now is the time when winter is not far off. Wallpaper fairy falling snow to make you happy, and perhaps you will feel the spirit of Christmas :)
Using settings you may set snow falling delay.

Adorable cats Adorable cats v1.0

This application contains huge collection of wallpapers and photos with the most adorable cats out there. Everyday will be a Caturday with these charming cat pictures and wallpapers for your phone.

Rainy day romance Rainy day romance v1.0

There is nothing more romantic than a kiss on a pouring rain. Here are some kissing on the rain wallpapers for all you romantic souls out there. Rainy days are best for cuddling, kissing and dancing aren't they? Add some romantic feeling on your phone with these wallpapers that will make you fall in love with the rain.

Copying Hearts Bear Live Wallpapers Copying Hearts Bear Live Wallpapers v1.1

Here is your favourite Teddy Bear. He is missing somebody and copying hearts for this person. Wiggling his nose while copying makes him so funny and sweet.

Navy Poster Wallpapers Navy Poster Wallpapers v1.2

A collection of historic US Navy Posters optimized for wallpapers.

Christmas Live Wallpaper Christmas Live Wallpaper v1.0

Cute Christmas Animated Wallpaper (LWP)

Snow dogs Snow dogs v1.0

Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamute, Samoyed dogs... These pictures and wallpapers are in honor of the unique beauty and bravery of the man's best friends - the snow dogs.

Bug Beetle Car Bug Beetle Car v1.0

This car is known as Volkswagen Beetle , or Buba.
This car is also officially called the Volkswagen Type 1, or informally the Volkswagen Bug.

In this application you will find some of the best customization of this cars ever made.
This is large collection and all of the images inside are very unique.

-Save everything to sdcard
-Set all of the images as wallpaper

Cute Kitten Live Wallpapers Cute Kitten Live Wallpapers v1.1

Just look at it, here is cute little kitten. He misses you, blinks his eyes, moves his tail and ears.

Polar White Bear Polar White Bear v1.0

Enjoy the best collection of polar bears !
The best free collection of high quality polar bears images.

Doesn't need Internet connection, and it is completely free !

Tarantula Wallpapers HD Tarantula Wallpapers HD v1.0

Enjoy the best collection of tarantulas of all the time !
The best free collection of high quality tarantulas.

They are looking very dangerous so you can use this gallery to set attractive images as your wallpaper.

Doesn't need Internet connection, and it is completely free !

Moon wallpapers Moon wallpapers v1.0

The moon always inspired people with it's mysterious beauty. Here are some beautiful photos and pictures of the moon for your inspiration, you can use it as a gallery for your viewing pleasure or as wallpapers for your phone. Let the mysterious beauty of the moon shine on your phone.

Owls wallpapers Owls wallpapers v1.0

Owls sure are the most fascinating and most mysterious of the birds. Do you know how a group of owls is called? A parliament, wisdom or study. And do you know how we call bunch of beautiful owl wallpapers for your phone? We called that awesome. Make your phone awesome with these gorgeous owls pictures.

Happy New Year 2013 Happy New Year 2013 v1.0

There are lots of New Year Wallpapers at this application.You can set background image to your likes image.

Christmas Wallpapers Christmas Wallpapers v1.0

There are lots of Christmas Wallpapers at this application. You can set background image to your likes image.

Wayang the Puppet Wayang the Puppet v1.0.1

Feel and watch Indonesian Javanese Wayang Shadow Puppet on your android screen!

Autumn leaves Autumn leaves v2.0

If you like to add some romantic autumn feeling on your phone here are some photos of colorful autumn leaves and trees. These beautiful wallpapers will surely put you in the mood for fall.

Pegasus Wallpapers Pegasus Wallpapers v1.0

Enjoy the best collection of pegasus !

Pegasus is one of the best known mythological creatures in Greek mythology. He is a winged divine horse.

This is one very big gallery with the most popular pegasus images.

Doesn't need Internet connection, and it is completely free !

Wallpaper Slideshow Wallpaper Slideshow v2.6

A wallpaper Slideshow For setting up your favorite wallpapers to your screen.

Rembrandt Art Galery Rembrandt Art Galery v1.0

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was a Dutch painter and etcher.
He is generally considered one of the greatest painters and printmakers in European art history.

He was extremely prolific and innovative.

In this app you can see his art as an slide show.
Having achieved youthful success as a portrait painter.