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Gaple Global Gaple Global v1.3

Gaple Global is Indonesian dominos game in English Version.

City of Poker City of Poker v1.0.3

Poker Texas Holdem for free.

Patience Satin Patience Satin v0.2

Intellectual popular card game Klondike with a deck of cards Satin

Uncle Finney's Poker Uncle Finney's Poker vSM-2.05

Head-to-head, two player poker Contest. Bet and win Ether!

Crazy Eights Crazy Eights v1.4

Crazy Eights is a card game in which each player tries to get rid of his cards.

Poker Slot Machine Poker Slot Machine v1.0.4

Poker Slot Machine: Spin the reels on your very own casino poker slot machine.

Call Break Call Break v0.9.8.2

Trick taking card game with spade being the trump card

Pyramid Solitaire Pyramid Solitaire v1.2

Pyramid Solitaire is a card game where player try to clear the Pyramid of cards.

Have Fun!

Pyramid Solitaire Pyramid Solitaire v1.0.9

Goal of the game is to clear all the pyramid cards; create pair of cards whose rank sum is 13, You can drag and drop unblocked card to form pair, you can drop flipped deck card or unblocked pyramid card on unblocked pyramid card to pair.
If there is no possible combination ( sum 13 pair ) tap on the deck to refresh the deck again, you can flip deck 3 times.
Ace rank is 1, Jack rank is 11, Queen is 12 and King is 13, You can pair Queen with Ace etc.

SolitaireCollection SolitaireCollection v1.0.5

Combination of 12 solitaire games with many features like hints, undo, automove, autocomplete, scores, statistics.

Ultimate Klondike Solitaire Ultimate Klondike Solitaire v1.1.1

The most popular Solitaire (Classic/Klondike) now with "Online Challenge"!

Tri Peaks Solitaire Tri Peaks Solitaire v1.1.2

The goal of the game is to clear all the cards from board by tapping the face up card that is either one above or below in rank than of the top card on waste cards at bottom.

If there is no possible move, tap on the deck to get a new card. You can play cards in ascending or descending order e.g. 3, 4,5,4,3
Aces can be high or low. Like this K, A, 2, 3 is a possible sequence.

Basic Rummy Basic Rummy v1.4

Rummy is a card game in which each player tries to lay down cards in groups.

Spiderette Solitaire Relax Spiderette Solitaire Relax v1.0.1

Spiderette is easy and addicting solitaire game with three difficulty levels.

Alaska Solitaire Relax Alaska Solitaire Relax v1.0.0

Alaska is entertaining and fun solitaire game.

iBetLive iBetLive v3.3.0

iBetlive provides you with livescores, match details, results and current odds of the best bookmakers for nearly every competition worldwide.

Deuces Wild Casino Poker Deuces Wild Casino Poker v1.10

Increase your chances to win:every deuce is a joker,on this casino quality game!

Trex Trex v1.0

Trex is a highly intelligent and challenging game, which is also known as Trix.

Call Break Call Break v1.7

Call Break is a strategic trick-based card game similar to Spades. It's very popular in Nepal and India.

Pyramid 13 Pyramid 13 v2.6.2

Climb to the top of the pyramid in this classic card game!