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食物大丰收 食物大丰收 v1.0

##Free for only one week!! From the publisher East2West!!(from 13th, June~19th, June,2011)##
This application is a casual game, simple but challenging you need get more scores before the limited time is over.

閑著玩鬥地主 閑著玩鬥地主 v1.0.4


達文西滾箱子 達文西滾箱子 v1.06


象棋小精灵 象棋小精灵 v1.9.1


蔬果的尊严 蔬果的尊严 v3.0.0

Human have dignity, vegetables have dignities, too. Before Mr Cabbage and Miss Tomato went to date, an elaborate make up is very necessary. In this game, There are 12 Mr and Miss vegetables and hundreds of properties to choose from. Vegetables can change their glassed, mouth, feet, hat, and so on. After the make up, a point is made, and there are some funny tools for you to make fun of Mr Cabbage. It is very funny, get it today, I am sure you will like it!

米開朗基羅滾方塊 米開朗基羅滾方塊 v1.01

米開朗基羅滾方塊─簡單有趣的益智解迷遊戲,只要滑動螢幕,將【U】字型的方塊,滾到指定位置就可以過關,全部564大關,2820 小關,等您挑戰

笨豬跳 笨豬跳 v2.0

Stupid Pig Jump

Help your best friend, Stupid Pig to escape!

疯狂找你妹 疯狂找你妹 v1.4.2

Crazy find sister the strong incoming food factory

玩转篮球 玩转篮球 v1.0


熊猫跳跳 熊猫跳跳 v1.5

Kung Fu Panda trained to dodge a strong return

最爱消消乐 最爱消消乐 v1.7.3

Eliminate to play for free as you every day

斩妖伏魔录3 斩妖伏魔录3 v1.0

##Free for only one week!! From the publisher East2West!!(from 13th, June~19th, June,2011)##
The demon kidnapped Montano’s uncle and killed his beloved Amelia. Since then, Montano’s heart has only one faith, that is the revenge.
When Montano break into the demon’s palace, waves of monsters and evils come with order to kill Montano. But with magic swords, Montano fears nothing. ...

捡豆子 捡豆子 v2.3

A lot of cute beans no matter how you pick it, come help me with picking!

手機三國聯盟號 手機三國聯盟號 v1.2

最多、最有效、最活跃的在线秒加手机三国联盟号尽在GET MORE CODES!

小奥斗地主 小奥斗地主 v4.0.06

Doudizhu skywarp in old edition basis to perfect and joined the interface, the landlord, more exciting and rob the friends can play style.

小奥二人麻将 小奥二人麻将 v4.0.03

Table for Two Mahjong is the new arrival game of xiaoao,the elegant inteface design of Blue and white porcelain can make you feel so suprise that it bring you something what you had never seen。And the operation of Table for Two is very easy and can be running quickly。

守卫圣器 守卫圣器 v3.1.0

Ugly zombies are back and you are humanity's hero to keep the only hope-the Holy Vessels safe. But beware, ammo is limited so you will have to get crafty and use the straight bullets, grenades, split- and buckshots in the most effective way possible to survive all the missions.
Besides, you must swipe out the colored accretion before the zombies become to strong to deal with. You are the only hope, stay alive!

卡通连连看 卡通连连看 v1.3

Cartoon rage Lianliankan debut! Cute graphics, fresh gameplay, classic mode is definitely you can not miss

兵临城下 兵临城下 v1.1.0

--Very creative gameplay. Nice graphics. Great strategy game.
--Great action in this game, the story is decent.
--The great sound effects. It really fits the game.
--The game is very unique. It’s an offense/defense type of game with a twist. This time, you will be sending your soldiers through the cannon and aiming the cannon to a desired position where you want your soldiers to drop.
--Use artillery new concept of the defense game

人間VSトイレット 人間VSトイレット v1.5

Unclog the toilet as fast as you can!