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Level 3D Level 3D v1.1.1

Level 3D
Level 3D is used to tell the 3d values of your accelerometer. According to the values, the earth model will rotate. The earth will maintain still if all the values are zero.

Flash Morse Torch Flash Morse Torch v1.2.5

Flash Morse Torch

A very portable and light torchlight application, it occupies very little cpu and memory but it is very powerful. Please enjoy it. It supports SOS flash and customized morse flash.

PDFSplitter PDFSplitter v1.0.3

PDFSplitter allows you to split any PDF document!
Simply choose the file from your smartphone's SD card by using the embedded file browser, and choose in how many pages to split!
The new files are saved to the original folder by the name {original file name}_{increment}!

Map eNote Map eNote v4.9.8

Map eNote
What you can do with Map eNote?
1. Add Notes in Auido, Video, Image and text formats;
2. View the note list;
3. Edit the note;
3. Delete the note;
4. Locate the note;
5. GPS Navigattion.

You can add audio, text and even photo on your specified location.
Share notes(Photo, Audio, Video) with email, bluetooth, facebook, twitter, etc.
Save power with checking ispause for sensors
Embedded Picture Viewer
Embedded Video Viewer

CPU Identifier CPU Identifier v8.5.0

This app can detect CPU type, speeds (mhz), PCB/Product, GPU type,states, governors and bogomips for Smartphones and Tablets , CPU+GPU Visual database+infos included.


We can add your name to "thanks" list directly on the app.

WhatsMyIP WhatsMyIP v1.6

Displays your IP address, telephone number and network information. Whats My IP will also identify if you are on a mobile network or connected via wifi.

Kitchen Timer Kitchen Timer v1.6

Kitchen timer will not let you forget that the stove is boiling pan or turn the oven. Or you can just measure out the desired amount of time.

PDFMerger PDFMerger v1.0.3

PDFMerger allows you to combine as many PDF documents in to one!
Simply choose the files from your smartphones SD card by using the embedded file browser and create a single file!
The file is output to the sdcard folder by the name "merged_{increment}"!

15 Color Flashlight 15 Color Flashlight v22

Screen flashlight
15 Colors
Full screen, maximum brightness flash light.


Baidu Browser Baidu Browser v1.0.0.0

Baidu Browser is the FASTEST, SIMPLEST and FREE mobile web browser.

Device Information Device Information v1.1

All you need to know about your Android system and more!

Magic Locker Magic Locker v1.1.2

“Magic lock” is strongly recommended for those who have problem with the position of their power key for locking/unlocking their smart phones.
“Magic lock” is not only used for locking/unlocking the phone ,but also provides lots of other useful features too...

Flashlight Flashlight v2.1.5

The Flashlight application is a very easy to use and super fast application that converts your phone into a handy flashlight either using screen or camera led as a torch (camera led is not present in most devices).
This is the app that should be on your phone and should be used everytime you need a flashlight and can be used for instance as a night light, as reading light or even as a emergency light.

ShutUpCamera ShutUpCamera v1.1.3

Camera sound caused you crazy? Now, let’s shut up!

Flashlight Flashlight v4.9.6

Incredibly simple and yet very useful Flashlight application. Will use your device's camera LED/flash if it has one.

DS Privacy Safebox DS Privacy Safebox v3.8

Help you to keep privacy information!

Fast Browser Fast Browser v1.1

Fast Browser - The fastest browser for android.

Fast Downloader Fast Downloader v1.0

FAST DOWNLOADER. Download files fast.
With Fast Downloader you can download any file to your Android device very easily and faster than ever.

File Manager File Manager v1.5

Organize, view, rename, zip, unzip, create, delete, move, copy your files like a pro!

Browser for SkyDrive Browser for SkyDrive v2.0

Android SkyDrive client with dual pane style