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OI Flashlight OI Flashlight v1.0.0

The OpenIntents Flashlight helps you find your way in the dark.
The display backlight is kept turned on while this application is running.

aFlashlight aFlashlight v1.0.0

Simply, use your Android phone as a flashlight...

Gas Trip Gas Trip v0.1.2

Gas Trip will allow you to see the cost of your car trip in real time. Simply load up the application, specify your MPG and watch as Gas Trip finds the lowest price of gas in your area and determines how much you are spending based on your speed and distance traveled. You can use this to help split the cost of a carpooling trip, to expense travels for work, to find the cheapest gas in your area with directions, or to simply gain instant knowledge on how much you are spending on gas for the trip you are on.

AccuTracking AccuTracking v3.3.1

AccuTracking software turns your Android phone into a GPS tracking device.

MileageLedger MileageLedger v2.

Mileage Ledger is a GPS powered mileage tracking solution for mobile devices running the Android operating system. It keeps your mileage logs so you don't have to, and presents them to you in a convenient, ready-to-print spreadsheet when needed.

RadarAlert RadarAlert v1.0.0

1.0 Beta
IMPORTANT: If you are using 0.9 alpha version please uninstall before install 1.0 beta version.
Red light and speed camera alert.
Alert when you are close to radar or camera, if you are over speed limit alert with "ding-ding" sound.
Improve performance, many bugs fixed from. Brazil and UK data are avaliable. More regions soon avaliable on preferences menu.

Crumbs Crumbs v0.3

Crumbs is a GPS-enabled path-recording application. When enabled, it saves a trail of digital breadcrumbs and displays it in real-time on a map.

Saved Places Saved Places v1.0

Use this app to keep records about a place that you visit.

gOmniTracker gOmniTracker v1.2.0

gOmniTracker allows your Android to keep track of the members of your family, friends, or team, while your are on-the-go, or from your desktop. It alerts you when a device cross the boundary of a red zone, or over speeding on the high-way. It displays location history of devices, plus many more features. gOmniTracker allows you to share locations between friends, who do not share the same account. You can hide, share, or remove your visibility to any of your friends at any time.

321 TrackMe 321 TrackMe v1.3

321Track me is a small program that you can install in your Android mobile that allows you to share your position in realtime with somebody, using only an Internet browser.

Back2It Back2It v1.4.4

One click to mark the place you want to remember, and another click to go back!

Son Depremler Son Depremler v1.0

Son Depremler

Hotel Booker Hotel Booker v3.0

Hotel Booker allows you to find information on hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide, including reviews, photos, the location on a map and detailed information about each one.

Using the "Nearby Hotels" feature, you can also see all the hotels in your vicinity. Check availability and book directly on your phone.

JTrip JTrip v1.0

Create your own trip in Thailand.
JTrip recommended attractions and directions that you need.
Let get to know Thailand together.

口袋时刻表 口袋时刻表 v1.21

口袋列车时刻表,China Pocket Train Schedules。铁道部官方火车信息数据同步,Android上最快最好用的列车时刻表

Squirrel Free Squirrel Free v3.0.5

Mark and save the sites you've been in, so you can return to them later.

-Add text notes, photos, videos and audio recordings to your locations
-Create maps
-Fullscreen radar (distance, time and speed) and mini-radar on map
-Manual entry
-Export to gpx
-GPS accuracy alerts
-Share by mms, sms, email or twitter.

MyPosition MyPosition v1.6

ADC2 Top200 application.
Send your current or any position screenshot in seconds via SMS, MMS or Email

Speedometer Speedometer v2.4

GPS speedometer. Demo version!
Acceleration, the rapid passing(1/4 mile included).
Speed, max and average speed, all distance, elapsed time, compass.
Write tracks, speed alerts and more.

Омнибус Омнибус v1.0

Омнибус, приложение для поиска проезда на городском общественном транспорте между любыми двумя остановками города Чебоксары.

Koopzondag Koopzondag v1.7

Met de Koopzondag applicatie van Atalio is het nu nog makkelijker om de dichtstbijzijnde koopzondag te vinden.