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MapDroyd MapDroyd v1.1.6

MapDroyd features world-wide off-line maps powered by OpenStreetMap data. Experience true unplugged vector maps avoiding expensive network connections.

WF & Clock widget WF & Clock widget v1.0.8

Weather Forecast&Clock Widget(4x2) - more 2000 000 downloads on the market, but is blocked by the market at the request of HTC.
Usual magic widget. Shows the clock and weather forecast in a place where you are. All languages, for all platforms(>=1.5), for all screen sizes. Brings good fortune and luck. Increases libido. Limited edition:(

Nutiteq Maps Nutiteq Maps v3.0.50

View OpenStreetMap maps without on-line network with Offline Maps.

3D World Map 3D World Map v1.0.0.20101011

Are you a business man? Do you want to know the global time? When is the night in your location? When is daytime in New York? Let's try to use this app to arrange our business time. Check this time-map.

GPS Status GPS Status v3.7

Shows the position, number and signal strength of GPS satellites. Also displays your position, the GPS accuracy, speed and bearing. Bigger dots represent stronger signal. Compass included :)

MAPS.ME MAPS.ME v4.4.3-Opera

Get instant access to detailed maps of all countries from anywhere in the world! No internet connection is required.

Google Map Address Book Google Map Address Book v2.1

Need an address book to store locations for Google Map so that you don't have to hit the recently used keyword list from google search bar everytime?

Motorola Droid & Nexus One
Searchable Address List
Save Current GPS or
Translate GPS - Street Address
Link to Google Map
See Website for support & details
Bug fixed

VGPS Offline Map for Android VGPS Offline Map for Android v7.1

Android GPS Navigation, Android Offline Map, Android Vector Street Map with Routing

Compass3D Compass3D v7.4

This is augmented reality application, add 3D compass to the live camera view in real-time

StreetRace StreetRace v2.0.24

App for timing 1/4 mile runs and 0-60mph sprints. Upload your best timings and compare with results from other drivers.

Please always use the latest version.

- New Accelerometer sensitivity control for precise take offs

Offline Maps Offline Maps v1.0.0.19

Detailed & free offline maps application with search capabilities
- downloading map for arbitrary area
- searching objects using object name or object type
- address search (by street name & house number)
- search by coordinates
- showing touristic places
- showing pubs in the selected area :)
- tracking location via GPS/WIFI/cellular
- share POI coordinates with friends via SMS
- based on openstreemap & osmdroid

Palmary Weather Palmary Weather v1.03

One of the most advanced weather application for Android. 68000 locations all over the world. Clear interface will minimize your actions to have necessary information.Coming soon in PRO version: AppWidget, weather charts, additional forecasts.

Facebook Location Updater Facebook Location Updater v1.5.1

Use this Android app to post update on Facebook. The name and Google Maps link of your current location will be attached automatically. Supports auto-update with default message at user-defined frequency. Supports photo attachment with geo-tag at photo caption.

AndWeather! AndWeather! v1.0.0

AndWeather provides a 4 day weather forecast for any location on the world. It can handle both °Fahrenheit and °Celsius.

RadarAlert RadarAlert v1.0.0

1.0 Beta
IMPORTANT: If you are using 0.9 alpha version please uninstall before install 1.0 beta version.
Red light and speed camera alert.
Alert when you are close to radar or camera, if you are over speed limit alert with "ding-ding" sound.
Improve performance, many bugs fixed from. Brazil and UK data are avaliable. More regions soon avaliable on preferences menu.

Hava Durumu Hava Durumu v1.2

Türkiye için hava durum raporu uygulaması.

DailyRoads Voyager DailyRoads Voyager v4.0.3

Trusted by millions to safely record videos while driving - for evidence or fun

GPS Speed GPS Speed v7.3

Turn your phone into a digital speedometer! Nice Compass view + big digital speed view

Wi-Fi Finder Wi-Fi Finder v3.1

Over 500,00 locations in 144 countries worldwide!

Never worry again about not finding a Wi-Fi internet connection. With close to 500,000 free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots in over 144 countries, Wi-Fi Finder is simply the best app for finding free or paid public Wi-Fi hotspots online or offline.

• Scan for Wi-Fi hotspots around you
• Search for public Wi-Fi anywhere in the world
• Works both online and offline

World Map World Map v1.6.175

World Map
A world map is a map of the surface of the Earth, which may be made using any of a number of different map projections.