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Twinkle Star Live Wallpaper Twinkle Star Live Wallpaper v1.0.3

TwinkleStar LiveWallpaper
A beautiful live wallpaper showing twinkle stars with random colors.

FGG Snowman Wallpaper FGG Snowman Wallpaper v1.0

Here's the snowman and there're lights on a beautiful winter night.
Now.... shake your phone!
Do you know this tune?
Can you play it?

But wait!
There's more songs. Go to Settings :)

Poly Wallpaper Poly Wallpaper v1.01

If space had fireworks and fireworks were way more awesome they would be in this wallpaper.
-improved speed
-improved stability
-built for a long battery life

Time Flies PRO Live Wallpaper Time Flies PRO Live Wallpaper v1.0.0

** Special Offer - 40% Off! **

Watch time literally flying across your screen with the extended features of Time Flies PRO LW

Flying Pictures Full Flying Pictures Full v1.2

This is a Live Wallpaper, on which moving pictures appear and disappear.

Islamic Wallpapers Islamic Wallpapers v1.0

Islamic Wallpapers for your Android devices.

Colorful Balloons Colorful Balloons v3.0.4

Colorful Balloons Live Wallpaper.

Red Hearts Red Hearts v3.0.4

Red Hearts Live Wallpaper.

Nano Armor Red Nano Armor Red v3.0.4

Nano Armor Red Live Wallpaper.

Hedgehog in the Fog Hedgehog in the Fog v3.0.4

Hedgehog in the Fog Live Wallpaper.

Hyperspace Hyperspace v5.0

Waves of stars, all over your device!

NO ads, NO push notifications
NO spyware, NO malware
NO permissions required

FREE BONUS 22 backgrounds: broken screen, squashed mosquitoes, ants, binoculars, blood stains,cracked glass 2, cracked glass 3, bullet holes, ripped metal, squashed flies,broken screen 2, scorched metal, squashed mosquito, rusted metal, broken security, nuclear waste, splattered blood, cracked glass, jagged metal, keyhole and wolverine.

One Dime One Dime v4.0.0

One Dime Live Wallpaper.

Inside of the Virus Inside of the Virus v4.0.0

Inside of the Virus Live Wallpaper.

Abstract Sphere Live Wallpaper Abstract Sphere Live Wallpaper v1.0

A great live wallpaper of moving sphere. Adjust frames per second to your liking. Checkout my other live wallpapers on this site and in the Android Market.

*see screenshots*

Issues, Questions, or Poor Ratings Please send me an e-mail.

Kick To The Balls Kick To The Balls v1.1

Great live wallpaper a lot of fun to watch the little stick man get kicked in the balls over and over again.

PatternWallpaper PatternWallpaper v1.2

There are over 100,000 beautiful Pattern Wallpapers on your device!
You can also view hex colors that build the pattern. If you like it, you can set it as your wallpaper. If not, you can choose another pattern from the list or randomize the pattern.

Thirstycat Thirstycat v2.0

Very Popular iphone live wallpaper now on Android.

PsychoZapper PsychoZapper v1.5

Don't Mess with this Psycho Bug Zapper!

Valentine's Day 3D LWP Valentine's Day 3D LWP v1.0

A live 3d wallpaper which bring beautiful 3d heart into your home screen!

Geometric Shapes Live Wallpaper Geometric Shapes Live Wallpaper v1.2.0

Special Promotional Price!

Choose from:
8 pointed star
12 pointed star
20 pointed star
2D square

You can have any of these as your live wallpaper, and you can set the colour of the shape, the background colour, speed of rotation (in two axes) and size to suit you. There is also the option to pause the movement when you touch the screen, which can be enabled from the options screen.