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Toggelis Wallpaper Toggelis Wallpaper v1.11.2

See the current weather or forecast, such as clouds, rain, temperature and more in a nice, ever changing wallpaper.

Wild sunset Wild sunset v1.0

Wild wolf and girl with cello at the sunset background.

Panorama City Panorama City v1.0

City landscape in minimalist style with parallax effect.

Fractal Snowfall Fractal Snowfall v1.1

This is a very special live wallpaper with unique snowflakes (proven by math).

Snowy Snowy v2.6

Snowy is live wallpaper with beautiful snowfall effect and amazing backgrounds

Lovely Snowfall Free Lovely Snowfall Free v1.28

Lovely Snowfall Free is a nice and smooth winter wallpaper showing a beautiful snow

Enjoy Moon Live Wallpaper Enjoy Moon Live Wallpaper v1.0

In this live wallpaper you can enjoy the beautiful moon scenery just as the boy and girl in the blue moonlight. Colorful bubbles are floating in the air. It also contains gesture effect, you can touch the phone screen to enjoy the interesting interaction.

Dreamy Flower Live Wallpaper Dreamy Flower Live Wallpaper v1.0

In this live wallpaper, with two HD pictures, all are gorgeous flowers. Many golden butterflies are flying among these flowers, with the floating light particles makes the flowers look more beautiful and fantastic.

Cute Butterfly Live Wallpaper Cute Butterfly Live Wallpaper v1.0

This live wallpaper offers you a cartoon world which full of colorful lovely butterflies, flowers and hearts. The lovely cartoon butterfly may remind your happy childhood memories.

Butterfly Live Wallpaper Butterfly Live Wallpaper v1.0

The live wallpaper, with beautiful particle effect and the light spots give the whole picture an elegant beauty. Many little butterflies are flying around the big golden butterfly.

Soap Bubbles Live Wallpaper Soap Bubbles Live Wallpaper v1.0

Soap Bubbles Live Wallpaper

Soap Bubbles Live Wallpaper – beautiful free android live wallpaper that simulates soap bubbles and water ripple effect (water drops effect).
Tap the screen to enjoy live water drops and waves on your home screen.

Moonlight Live Wallpaper Free Moonlight Live Wallpaper Free v1.30

Moonlight Live Wallpaper gives you a nice and romantic Moon frame

3D Galaxy Live Wallpaper Full 3D Galaxy Live Wallpaper Full v1.67

Enjoy a 3D Space Galaxy. Full 3D enviroment in HD using OpenGL 2.0

3D Galaxy Live Wallpaper 3D Galaxy Live Wallpaper v1.71

Choose your 3D Galaxy and create your own Universe on your mobile and tablet!

Blue Lagoon Scrolling Live Wallpaper Blue Lagoon Scrolling Live Wallpaper v1.0

Beautiful Blue Lagoon Live Wallpaper Just Swipe to change!

Mountains HD Scrolling Live Wallpaper Mountains HD Scrolling Live Wallpaper v1.0

Beautiful Mountains HD wallpapers, just swipe to change!

Owl Under Snowfall Owl Under Snowfall v1.0

Live wallpaper with beautiful owl that sleeps under the snowfall.

Purple Nature Purple Nature v1.3

Colorful and amazing live wallpaper with purple trees and blue mountain river. Enjoy nature!)

3D Aquarium Live Wallpaper 3D Aquarium Live Wallpaper v1.0.4

Now you can turn your smart phone and tablet in a real aquarium. Blue, azure water, exotic fish, coral reefs and leisurely sailing sharks. Dive into the underwater world of beauty distant solar islands, warm salt water and rare inhabitants of the ocean. Enjoy our dynamic animated 3D live wallpapers “3D Aquarium” for Android.

Zen Stones Live Wallpaper Zen Stones Live Wallpaper v1.0.1

Animated Live Wallpaper “Zen Stones” (Stone Garden) for Android will be a bright decoration for your smartphone or tablet. A variety of photorealistic and abstract backgrounds, adjustable effects, a lot of settings will give you feeling that you carry in your pocket your own real oriental garden. It will create for you a wonderful feeling of calm and peace that lies at the heart of The East and Buddhism.