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WaterPipes WaterPipes v2.5

The object of game is to connect water pipes from "in" pipe to "out" pipe, you must finish the work before water reached. The more pipes passed by water the more scores.

Sensor Gadgets Sensor Gadgets v3.7.9

Sensor Gadgets
The Sensor Gadgets game is from the classical Gadgets game, but it allows you to play with touch screen and accelerometer.
How to play:
.Left--Left tilt your phone
.Right--Right tilt your phone
.Change Pattern--Put up your phone and then put down

Snake With Accelerometer Snake With Accelerometer v5.0.7

Here's the classic arcade-style Snake game, only with soccer balls! Using either Dpad or accelerometer controls, guide your snake around the screen and try to gobble as many balls as you can. As your snake gets longer, you have to make sure you don't run over your own tail, or it's game over. - 3 size modes - 6 backgrounds - Two control methods

Drive Them All Drive Them All v4.1.1

Drive Them All is the classic “divide the box” game in which you must draw lines that cut the box size down while making sure none of the floating objects--in this case, animal heads--collide with the lines. It’s addicting stuff. This game has lots of fun options. Pick from animals such as tigers, wolves, sheep, pigs, and more. A wide variety of backgrounds and line colors keeps things fun. More and more animals appear as you advance through the levels.

Fruit Harvest Fruit Harvest v4.8.9

Looking for a simple but entertaining game? Try the Fruit Harvest app. Fruit Harvest is a fun arcade game for your Android device. Simply catch all the falling fruits on your screen by tilting your device to earn a score. As your score gets higher, the fruits fall faster.

Balloon Popping Balloon Popping v1.5

It's very simple game.
Pop the balloons on the screen on touch.

Catch Mole! Catch Mole! v2.11.8

Catch Mole! is a fun game of puzzle and strategy with a Minesweeper style. Accept the challenge of Catch Mole!

Christmas Lights Christmas Lights v1.1.1

★ Make the longest chain of Christmas lights! ★


Christmas Lights is a fast tapping game in which you have to connect the bulbs
in order to progress.

Your range diminishes quickly so you need to make your decisions
as fast as possible.

Use special items to your advantage and outrun the Grinch.

Can you make the longest chain of bulbs?

Pizza Snake Pizza Snake v2014.07.02fs

Pizza Snake is a fun and challenging snake game inspired by an MS-DOS classic game: Pizza Worm, probably the best snake game ever.

- Control the Snake to eat as many Pizzas as you can
- 8 amazing levels to play
- Beautiful High Definition graphics
- Original Music
- Fun and challenging gameplay
- Perfect for all ages
- No violence, all the family can play


Baby Unicorn Pocket Baby Unicorn Pocket v1.1.0

Baby unicorn is your pet, that responds to your touch. You can play lots of games with him.

Baby Firefox Pocket Baby Firefox Pocket v1.1.0

Baby Firefox is your pet, that responds to your touch. You can play lots of games with him.

Baby Bear Pocket Baby Bear Pocket v1.0.0

Baby Bear is your pet, that responds to your touch. You can play lots of games with him.

Baby Fox Pocket Baby Fox Pocket v1.0.0

Baby Fox Pocket is your pet, that responds to your touch. You can play lots of games with him.

Pearl Bubble Pop Pearl Bubble Pop v1.0.1

A unique game that follows the "break the bricks" concept but with a mixture of the "shoot the bubbles" design. A FREE game you can grab and play quickly to pass your time with fun, perfect for all ages (especially kids!

Cute Kitten Sounds Cute Kitten Sounds v1.2

***Cute Kitten and Puppy Sounds*** A Fun, Free and colorful SoundBoard for Kitten and Puppy lovers. Adorable breeds of kittens and puppies all with there unique barks and meows.

Great fun for boys and girls alike with it's easy to use interface.

This app is a full app that is completely free!!

Water Drops Water Drops v1.0.6

The object of the game is to survive as a water drop.

Pound the Pug 3.0 Pound the Pug 3.0 v2.0

PJ the pug has brought her friends to a new game. Joining PJ is Atlas and Circe the cat.

Dare To Deal Dare To Deal v1.2.0

Take The Deal Or Reject It The Call Is Yours ! Defeat The Banker !

Dig ! to the sky Dig ! to the sky v1.04

New style game !

Dig ground to find key and treasures.

You can help cicada's dream come true.

My Virtual Pet Care My Virtual Pet Care v1.43

Have you ever fancied your own virtual pet? With this cute little fellow you'll get your very own pet to care for!