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10 x Blocks 10 x Blocks v1.0

Blocks x 10 Puzzle is a simple and challenging puzzle game. Test and improve your puzzle solving skills. Blocks x 10 Puzzle is fun, educational and addictive, great for any age both adult and children. You can challenge and compete with your friends and family.
- 3 difficulties
- No time limit
- No color matching

If you like block, cube or 1010 puzzles, simple mind and brain training casual games this is a must have.

100 Sentō 100 Sentō v1.0.6

~The Stage is OASIS of the People~
Solve the secret in these Japanese bath "Sentō",
Open the door and escape!!

100Doors 100Doors v1.2.0

100 Doors: Classic Escape is a perfect brain teaser.

1234! 1234! v1.0.10

- It's happy to make rectangle!

15 Puzzle 15 Puzzle v2.3

15 Puzzle - A classic puzzle with sliding tiles. An entertaining mind game.

15+1 15+1 v1.4

Not the classic fifteen puzzle, this time you must order also the 16th number!

20 Sizes 20 Sizes v2

Arrange with haste!

21 21 v1.3

21 is an addictive puzzle game, just add up and achieve the goal.

25 Square 25 Square v1.0

Survive as long as possible and get as many points.

2in1BubbleBoom 2in1BubbleBoom v1.0.4

Enjoy two best-selling games for the price of one!
Bubble Boom Challenge - Move, dodge, think, be fast and make the bubbles explode to be the real Bubble Master! Once you start you just can´t stop!
Bubble Boom Challenge 2 - Bubble Master is back to blast its way through new challenges ! New level and new world; take the bubble control in your hands!

3316 Challenge 3316 Challenge v1.0.1.2

< 3316 Challenge > is a minimalistic puzzle game, but very very hard. Challenge this super-addictive, hardcore, brainteasing puzzle!

36 36 v1.0.0

Speed, dexterity, and color vision are all you need to play "36". In this puzzle game, you insert colored blocks at others on a track. Three or more blocks of the same color disappear, leaving gaps that quickly close. If too many blocks stack up, they reach the 36th block, and you lose.

365 Mahjong Mania 365 Mahjong Mania v1.0.0

365 Mahjong Mania is a perfect choice for both beginners and Mahjong maniacs. 100 stages and 4 game modes guarantee hours of fun! Try our classic puzzle board game today!

4 in a row 4 in a row v1.0.20

4 in a row is a simple but challenging puzzle game.
The goal is to connect a line of four horizontal,vertical,or diagonal discs before your opponent does.

With this 4 in a Line game, you can play with a friend who sits next to you or play against your phone.
Connect 4 pawns to win.

4-5-6 Digits Math 4-5-6 Digits Math v1.1

Build logical mathematical equations using the numbers provided.

6 Lines 6 Lines v1.0

6 Lines is a simple yet addictive puzzle game.
It gives something to your brain, SWEET to chew on! If you want to test your IQ and enjoy endlessly,
6 Lines is Simple yet Addictive, Addictive puzzle meant for you.
How to play:
- Connect a flow from Green Dot to Red Dot at exact 6 Lines and create a flow
- Just watch time out for each flow
* Unique Concept
* Mind Relaxing sounds
* Smooth, polished touch interaction.

7 Colorful Ball 7 Colorful Ball v1.0

delete same color ball.

9 Tiles 9 Tiles v1.2

9 Tiles is an edge-matching puzzle game: Nine slots on a square board looking for nine matching tiles.

9 Total 9 Total v1

★★★ 9Total (Nine Total) is the first and unique number puzzle game based on the CUMULATIVE TOTAL of number. Learn it in 2 minutes and play for hours ★★★

A Way to Treasure A Way to Treasure v1.2

Moving obstacles as rocks, bricks, and ice tiles to find a way to treasure.