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Balloon Blowout Balloon Blowout v1.0.1

In "Balloon Blowout" the balloons have escaped and it is your task to pop them before they all get away.

Dweebs Dweebs v3.0

The cute alien puzzle game!

MacGyver MacGyver v1.12

MacGyver is back!  In a new, thrilling puzzle game.

Candy Pack Candy Pack v1.0

Did you ever want to push boxes around? Now you can! and it has.... candies!

Acorn Rush! Acorn Rush! v1

Help Chester the Squirrel prepare for the hard times ahead!

Ninja Miner Ninja Miner v1.2.1

Ninjas are not well known for mining! But now it's time to use famous ninja skills for collecting precious gems! There are 64 challenging levels for you to solve. Grab every treasure you can find and earn all the achievements!

Tess Connect Tess Connect v1.1

Connect the color dots and fill the shapes with this mind-stretching game

Catbie Catbie v1.2

Logic, skills, 63 playable levels, special cats and… Zombies!

Panda Chunky Panda Chunky v1.1.2

Help the little panda to get to your favorite treats!

Friscus' Workshop Demo Friscus' Workshop Demo v1.0

The Ultimate Assembly Puzzle

Crazy Xmas Jewel Crazy Xmas Jewel v1.0.4

Xmas jewel busting fun!

HelloCorn HelloCorn v2.0

Hello Corn is a strategy puzzle game which focuses on connecting chains of corns, with four beautiful themes and over 100 gorgeously designed levels.

TripleCandy TripleCandy v1.0.8

Candy combination party! Play Triple Candy!

Monster Busters Monster Busters v1.02

Do you think that all the monsters are very scary? I do not think so. There are adorable monsters that we have not seen. Let's get acquainted with the one-eye cute monsters in "Monster Busters"!

Monster Blocks Monster Blocks v1.0.0

Rotate falling blocks and connect 3 or more with the same color to complete a match.

Jewels North Jewels North v1.0.5

Jewels North - meet the most difficult game in the genre!

Wobbles Wobbles v1.0

A Lemmings inspired puzzle platformer, where you must guide the Wobbles through time, unlocking new technology and advancing their civilization.

Craft The Path Craft The Path v1.2.1

The poor creeper got lost, help him to find his way home.

Pipelines 3D Pipelines 3D v1.1

Connect pipes with the same color: fill up the entire cube to solve the puzzle.

Hexed Hexed v1.1

A small puzzle game where you have to match 3 items to create a new one and grow a village to the biggest possible size