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Parsec Parsec v3

Infinite journey to stars!

Labyrinth lab Labyrinth lab v2

explore labyrinths full of secrets and dangers

Polarity Polarity v0.9.6

Do you know how a magnet works? It is simple: plus and minus want to be tog
You have a power over the laws of physics. Now you can manage them with o
ne tap.

Magic Hat Magic Hat v1.0 beta 4

Magic hat - throw a ball into the magic hat. Select the right trajectory and force of throw so as the ball dodges all obstacles and hits the hat.

RedBallEvolved RedBallEvolved v1.1.3

Save and build the village. Solve challenges, defeat enemies and destroy evil boss. You must roll and jump to complete levels. Easy, right?

Zombie Smasher Free Zombie Smasher Free v1.0.4

Zombie Smasher is the addicting and entertaining game.

Get ready to defend your home as a mob of zombies is about to invade your town! Those undead creatures are back.

Jump Jump Jump Jump v1.2

Play Jump Jump 2018 with your friends and family and challenge them to beat you.

Draw & Run Draw & Run v1.03

Help the main character to overcome obstacles. Draw and run!

Ricochet Ricochet v1.0.6

Tap to Ricochet your Way to the Finish Line

Muffins and Apples Muffins and Apples v13

Help Chris survive as long as possible by eating only muffins and apples!

Raining Rockets Raining Rockets v1.0

Don't install this game. It's too hard for you.

Pac Bub Pac Bub v1.36

Enter the world of bubbly mazes

Race your way through various mazes, avoiding snakes, ninjas and poisonous skulls.

  • Play using finger swipes and avoid enemies as most are lethal
  • Snakes grow larger, touching their tail slows you down
  • Vitamins make you stronger
  • Some enemies and beacons produce additional bubbles
  • Use teleporters and collect all 5 stars to get the highest rating

Paint Runner Paint Runner v1.52

Paint Runner is a fun arcade game slightly similar to pac-man, and its free.

  • Race your way through different mazes, avoiding enemies
  • Control the brush using screen swipes
  • Paint 100% of the area to win
  • If you get a bucket of paint you become super strong and can kick your enemies (for a while)
  • Some enemies leave footsteps that you have to re-paint
  • Teleporters will help you escape your enemies
  • Enemies get smarter as you play

Gadu Gadu v0.5

Compete with friends or players from all over the world. Who is the best gamer?

MagicTicket MagicTicket v2.0

Exciting game with elements of stealth-action

Pinball Up Pinball Up v1.0

Fun and unique pinball action!

FactorZ FactorZ v2.0

You have to overcome a hard way. Are you ready? Then let's go.

Shift'em Mania Shift'em Mania v1.0.28

Shift'em Mania is an amazing and fun tactical puzzle game with unique procedural generated levels where you play against AI or another Human

Bricks Bricks v1.0.1

super cool and most addictive block bricks game.

Jane`s Hotel Jane`s Hotel v1.0

Enjoy the Jane's Hotel game on your Android Mobile Phones!