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NBA Caricatures NBA Caricatures v1.0

This program is for entertainment purposes.contains cartoons of NBA players.NBA players have never seen this in practice only in cartoons.Use the key to change the pictures back and forth.the phone's back button to return to the previous image, please click on the button is not back in practice.Use the menu option to exit the program to exit the application.errors in the program, please mail the report to me.Have fun

m-movies m-movies v1.3

Feeder movie news Box Office, content powered by YahooMovies, BoxMojo, MovieWeb, ezTakes, moviesDataCenter, filmsNMovies and MTV Movies. Nice look UI.
Largest Box Office movie news all over the world.
Enjoy your news entertainment m-movies

WSTV News Edition WSTV News Edition v1.5.7

#1 Media & Video App on Android Market!

Do you want to watch free TV channels on your device ?
Do you want to listen to all the latest news from around the world?

Finally, your dreams can come true!
With World Streaming TV News Edition you can have access to hundreds of online TV News channels from more then 40 different countries.
You can create your own bookmarks and share channels with your friends!

Aquarium Aquarium v2.45

Dress up your desktop with this beautiful live wallpaper featuring colorful animated fish! Multiple fish, plants and backgrounds and settings to control them! Even has switches for the bubbler and overhead light!

Video Downloader Video Downloader v1.3

* SEARCH, WATCH, SHARE and DOWNLOAD videos using Video Downloader.

* You do NOT need a Flash player to watch videos.

* Watch RANDOM cool videos.

* Watch your downloaded videos while OFFLINE.

Light Grid Pro Light Grid Pro v5.0 - New Year 2012

A live wallpaper which displays a grid of lights fading in and out. Completely customize the shapes, colors, and speeds!

Diziler Burada Diziler Burada v1.4

* Yerli ve yabancı birçok diziyi, tv showunu uygulamamız üzerinden kaliteli bir şekilde izleyebilirsiniz.

* Flash player gerekli DEGILDIR.

İyi eğlenceler!

Talking Pooch Pro Talking Pooch Pro v1.9.9

Leisure app that allows your children to have endless laugh
and fun. It is especially designed as a fun & entertainment of all ages. Talking Pooch is your favorite pet dog.

Beautiful background
Voice animations
You can keep him as your pet
Drive him to drink water
Let him bite the bone
Let him Laugh and Lick

Kids Place Video Player License Kids Place Video Player License v1.0.0

This is just the license key for Kids Place Video Player app.
This will allow you to play unlimited videos on Kids Place Video Player app, the free version, that only allows 10 videos.
This does not contain the main free app. Please download the main app for free from:

AndCam3D AndCam3D v1.3

AndCam3D is a stereo camera application, that can produce 3D-images which create an impression of depth.

AndRemote AndRemote v1.0.5

AndRemote is a highly flexible PC-Remote Control for your Android device.

Download the free server and get various layouts to control virtually any application you could control with mouse and keyboard.

Easily control i.e. PowerPoint, FireFox or the Windows Media Player.

You can even build your own layouts with a AndRemote-LayoutBuilder!

Just send an eMail in any support/problem case!

More info at

Galactic Core Galactic Core v1.51

A stunning live wallpaper featuring a swirling spiral galaxy! Features home screen movement sensitivity, settings for speed, zoom, and more.

Stream Player Stream Player v1.09

Do you love Twitch TV, but hate the choppy playback on Android? Then this is
the application for you. Stream Player supports high definition feeds/streams with up to 720p. No flash required.

Display channels/streams categories in games, players and more.
Search for streams.
Play streams in high definition, if the stream supports it.
Customization of the layout.

Sylloge Sylloge v1.31

Search and view the full Dungeons and Dragons (4e) Compendium from anywhere.

Please note: a D&D Insider account is required to view stat cards just like the full website, which doesn't work in the Android browser.

Not associated with Wizards of the Coast in any way. All Compendium material is copyright WOTC.

Uses SlideLock licensing for validation on first run.

UnderWaterLive UnderWaterLive v1.1

Let's be in water. This is a live wallpaper which gives you a real look in water. Whenever you will touch the water, you will get nice waves on your screen and let's touch more and more to get more waves and fun in water.
Nice looking wallpapers ever!
Enjoy it!
هذه هي خلفية العيش التي تعطيك نظرة حقيقية في المياه. كلما كنت وسوف تلمس المياه ، وسوف تحصل على موجات لطيفة على الشاشة ودعونا لمسة أكثر وأكثر للحصول على مزيد من موجات والمرح في الماء

X-Ray Camera X-Ray Camera v1.0.9

The best XRay Camera application for Android! This app uses your camera to create a real-time XRay like vision. Looks like, feels like and sounds like a real XRay vision. Check out the video!

Sketchy Snaps Premium Sketchy Snaps Premium v5

An easy-to-use Android app which makes your photos look like one which is created by an artist. This app creats pencil sketch, Crayon sketch, blurry sketch of your photos. You can pick a picture from your gallery or capture one from built in camera to generate the sketch. Both black-white and color sketch results can be easily created by selecting required effect. You can share pictures to Facebook, mail it and many more.

Christmas Mahjong Christmas Mahjong v1.0.7.s

Christmas Mahjong is the classic Mahjong solitaire game with a cute Christmas theme.

GroovyCam LiveStream GroovyCam LiveStream v1.10.2

*Performs best with powerful processors*

*Try FREE DEMO on Market first*

Apply all sorts of 'Groovy Effects' to your camera in real-time. Take cool pictures and stream live video from your phone directly across your Wi-Fi network, to be viewed in a web browser.

*Before emailing, check FAQs at*

GhostCam GhostCam v1.0

+ Over 40 ghosts and blood to play around with! Scare your friends!
+ Blood photos
+ Color mode: Saturation and Contrast
+ Share on your Twitter, Facebook, Email, and others!

I'M TRYING TO BUY A CAR WITH THE SALES OF THIS APP. Support me by buying the app! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Please rate and review for me, so I can update the app to make it better.