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Neon Magic Neon Magic v1.2

Neon magic 3D animated Live Wallpaper with orbit and gyroscopic controls, please see the demo video below of this amazing live wallpaper.

The Neon Magic live wallpaper includes five stunning sprite animations from a graphics industry professional, beautiful and mesmerizing. The live wallpaper responds to touch and gyroscope pan/tilt of your device. Idea for phones and tablets.

3D Cars Live Wallpaper 3D Cars Live Wallpaper v1.0

This Live Wallpaper of speeding cars will impress you and your friends!

Hamlet the Cat Free Hamlet the Cat Free v1.0.2

Do you wanna cat? We have one for you!

New York HD Scrolling Live Wallpaper New York HD Scrolling Live Wallpaper v1.5

Beautiful New York HD wallpapers, just swipe to change!

Reaper Reaper v1.02

Reaper Live Wallpaper! The creepiest but awesome wallpaper available!

Fake iPhone Rain Wallpaper Fake iPhone Rain Wallpaper v1.5

Fake iPhone Rain. Live wallpaper.

This is wonderful interactive live wallpaper that simulates water ripple effect on top of old-school iPhone's wallpaper.
You create a water's ripple effect. Just touch or tap the screen to add water drops on your home screen!

Ubuntu Live Wallpaper Ubuntu Live Wallpaper v0.84

Wallpaper inspired by Ubuntu phone “Welcome Screen”.

Ascent to transcendence Live WP Ascent to transcendence Live WP v1.4

Travel through space and time into parallel realities with this app. You will experience alien worlds filled with shining constellations. Each constellation contains stars surrounded by plasma fields. Start your Ascent to transcendence now!

This app can be used for mindfulness meditation or practicing astral projection. It can also be fun to watch while raving on a rave party or just waiting for a train that never comes.

3D Android DNA 3D Android DNA v4.0.0

3D Android DNA Live Wallpaper.

3D Cubes Infinity 3D Cubes Infinity v4.0.0

3D Cubes Infinity Live Wallpaper.

3D Dancing Android Boy 3D Dancing Android Boy v4.0.0

3D Dancing Android Boy Live Wallpaper

3D Illuminated Cubes 3D Illuminated Cubes v4.0.0

3D Illuminated Cubes Live Wallpaper.

Animated Blue Smoke Animated Blue Smoke v4.0.0

Animated Blue Smoke Live Wallpaper.

Animated Snake Animated Snake v4.0.0

Animated Snake on your screen Live Wallpaper.

Horoscope Zodiac 12 Sign Horoscope Zodiac 12 Sign v1.0.0

Feel and pick your Horoscope Zodiac 12 Sign right on your android screen!

Snowfall Snowfall v1.0

Snowfall on the screen!

Bubble Pop Live Wallpaper Bubble Pop Live Wallpaper v1.0

Like popping bubbles? Heres a FREE Live Wallpaper with beautiful background and circular bubbles running across the screen. Tap on the bubbles to make them go POP.


Teddy Bear Live WallPaper Teddy Bear Live WallPaper v1.0

This is a 3D animated and incredibly realistic teddy bear live wallpaper! This cute and sweet teddy bear makes funny moves, waves, opens his arms and sends warm hugs to you. If you like teddy bears you will love this spectacular and unique live wallpaper. Teddy Bear will make you smile each time you look at your phone screen and be your ever loyal friend.

Animated Flying Santa Animated Flying Santa v4.0.0

Animated Flying Santa Christmas Live Wallpaper.

Shapes From Snowflakes Shapes From Snowflakes v4.0.0

Different shapes from snowflakes on your screen Animated Live Wallpaper.