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A-Maze-Me A-Maze-Me v1.1

A-Maze-Me is a "brain and puzzle" memory-challenging game with simple rules:
- memorize the maze;
- navigate through the maze by removing the stones that block the way;
- find the pears;
- have fun!

AAffiinniittii1 AAffiinniittii1 v1.04

AAffiinniittii: match those shapes with precision and speed
and become a geometry wizard. To beat your highscore, be precise, don't loose time and use the least number of moves.
The moves can be shifts, rotations and reflections.
Difficulty is gradually increasing and at some point,
some operations are not allowed... in AAffiinniittii1.

Acorn Rush! Acorn Rush! v1

Help Chester the Squirrel prepare for the hard times ahead!

AddUp! AddUp! v9

Match the numbers and see how high you can get with this unique puzzle game.

Akil The Scribe Akil The Scribe v1.09

In this exciting game you have to join jewels or hieroglyphics of the same type to avoid them from filling the screen. Challenge yourselft and solve the final puzzle. Smash and Crush jewels while having fun!! What are you waiting for?

Alamot's Matchstick Puzzles Alamot's Matchstick Puzzles v1.09

Light up your brain now by solving awesome matchstick puzzles!

Alamot's Matchstick Puzzles Alamot's Matchstick Puzzles v1.09

Light up your brain now by solving awesome matchstick puzzles!

Aliens eat cats Aliens eat cats v1.05

Slide puzzle game with interesting twist and outstandingly interesting gameplay!

Aliens Invasion Space Run Aliens Invasion Space Run v1.08

Aliens Invasion: Space Run is addictive free space run type casual/puzzle game.

Aliens On Board Aliens On Board v1.2

Aliens On Board is a puzzle platformer game in space.

all-in-one all-in-one v3.4

All-in-one is completely free and a great puzzle!

AlphaBlocs AlphaBlocs v1.7.2

AlphaBlocs is a fun and challenging new puzzle game.

AmazeBalls AmazeBalls v1.0

Help Montana Monkey through the maze to find the sacred ape treasure!

AmazingLines AmazingLines v1.0

A remake of the Color Lines game, with online scores table and rewards system!

Amoba Amoba v1.3.4

A simple five in a row game.

AncientMaze AncientMaze v1.0

Pass 18 levels of the ancient labyrinth. Memorize the traversed path and avoid obstacles.

Android Balls Android Balls v1.1

Android Balls is an addictive puzzle game.
Move your phone to guide dropping balls into the chute that matches their colour.

Angry Memory Angry Memory v1.0.1

Angry Memory is a matchmaking game in which you will test your neurons. The goal is simple, you must form pairs to complete the level in as few tries as possible.

Antigravity Blocks Antigravity Blocks v1.45

Antigravity Blocks is a brand new take on the classic falling blocks puzzle.

  • Antigravity occurs on every level
  • Thunderstorms shuffle your blocks
  • Worms wonder around changing the entire board
  • Aliens invade your territory, stealing blocks
  • Pentris is also included in the game

And it is completely free.

AppendBall AppendBall v1.0

Funny game for children and everybody.