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Paladin Traducer Paladin Traducer v1.0.11

Defeat the Paladins with an army of three-color-matching Puzzle Demons.

Devs Like Waffles FREE Devs Like Waffles FREE v1.0.5

A silly falling block puzzle game about putting butter and syrup on waffles

Devs Like Waffles Devs Like Waffles v1.0.17

A silly falling block puzzle game about putting butter and syrup on waffles

Floral lines Floral lines v1.0

Pluck flowers in the logic game Floral Lines! To pluck off the flower, select two or more flowers of the same color. You can select flowersonly on the same horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Pluck off all the flowers of denim to complete the level. Try to complete each level in the shortest time possible to get a better score.

Turtle Turnover Turtle Turnover v1.25

A simple and creative puzzle game where you help turtles get off their backs!

Color Hearts Color Hearts v1.0.2

Color Hearts! Light all hearts in various puzzles !

Minigolf Challenge Minigolf Challenge v1.3

Delightful minigolf game with plenty of challenging levels.

Spider Escape 2D Spider Escape 2D v1.0.1

Escape yourself from Spider Web!!

Fruit Dash Fruit Dash v1.0

Fruit Dash is a puzzle game for your Android phone! All you have to do it to pop all same fruits one or more rows. (Like Diamond Dash)

Puzzle2Puzzle Puzzle2Puzzle v1.2

Do you know Addition of three simple numbers can tease your brain?
Challenge your brain with this simple&unique Number Puzzle Game.

Linkage Linkage v1.0.1

Linkage is a fun and simple puzzle game.

Puzzle Doses Puzzle Doses v1.1.11

Challenge your mind! Switch, Move and Flip blocks! Get your puzzle doses here!

Clear the Zombies! Clear the Zombies! v0.0.67

Fight your way through mobs of zombies in this evolving puzzle/strategy game. Rescue and collect a variety of characters, acquire unique abilities and most importantly...
kill some friggin zombies!

Hy sphere 2 Hy sphere 2 v1.121

Hy spherical 2 is an acutely tricky puzzle game

Logical Mazes Logical Mazes v2.1.2

Challenge your brain!

Crazy Xmas Jewel Crazy Xmas Jewel v1.0.4

Xmas jewel busting fun!

PebbleBoard PebbleBoard v1.01

Chess board style puzzles that are harder then they look

AncientMaze AncientMaze v1.0

Pass 18 levels of the ancient labyrinth. Memorize the traversed path and avoid obstacles.

Destro Bubble Destro Bubble v2.0

Variation of Classic Bubble game

Bubblins Match-4 Bubblins Match-4 v2

Bored of all the Match-3 games? Try then our new game Bubblins Match-4! Will you make it into TOP20 highscores?