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Netwalk NSA Netwalk NSA v1.1

NetWalk NSA is old cool logic game with some changes. Connect all device with server in a single network to complete the level. The game will display your anonymous online rating in the world, the country, region and city.
Pimp your intellect, compare with others. enjoy.

Fleximino Deluxe Fleximino Deluxe v1.1.4

"Fleximino Deluxe" - A new, amazing tetromino game. Besides the classic game, it allows you to design and play your own customized games by creating new bricks of any shape.

Jewel Explosion 2 Jewel Explosion 2 v1.0.4

Try this tactical twist on the classic match 3 game. Tired of time-limited games? Try turn-based! Lots of fun game variations to try, can you beat your hi-score?

Monster Dash Crash Monster Dash Crash v1.0.0

A monsterlicious matching mobile game that will glue you to your gadgets!

Twix Twix v1.0

How high do you rank world wide?What exactly is your twix IQ? Play and Find out.

TripleCandy TripleCandy v1.0.9

Prepare the biggest feast possible! Combine triplets of candies to create a super candy. Each two of the three candies should be adjacent to other, horizontally or vertically.

Rainbow Cookies Rainbow Cookies v1.1.7

Rainbow Cookies is new and fun match 3 game featuring ghosts :)

Monkey Mofo Monkey Mofo v1.0.3

Retro gold, Lemmings meets Chu Chu Rocket.

Strategy of Colors Strategy of Colors v1.2

Greet logical game in 3D

Bubble Universe Bubble Universe v1

Bubble Universe, the new Sensation of Bubble-Shooting Games!

ColorMemory ColorMemory v1.0

Color Memory game helps you to have a better memory.

Jewel Bubbles 2 Jewel Bubbles 2 v1.0.4

Test your tactical skills in the brand new turn-based modes of this classic bubble matching game! Many levels with different challenges and new bomb combinations.

20 Sizes 20 Sizes v2

Arrange with haste!

Brain Sort Brain Sort v1.21

Memory and attention span training game

Connect'Em Connect'Em v1.0.13

You can start but You never be able to stop. If you like Bubble Blast or Mouse Trap, you will fall in love with Connect'Em!

Connect'Em is a puzzle game in which you will have to strategically connect blobs together. Each blob only has a set number of connections available. So you will have to make sure they all connect to each other the right way. Beware the game is very addictive :) For those of you who enjoy math workouts, make sure you take part in this daily mental ritual.

Flood It Flood It v1.6.3

Flood the whole board with one color within the allowed steps. You start from a tile and progress by selecting one of the colored balls on the left.

Wired Wired v1.0.5

Untangle all the beam of light with Wired!
The goal of Wired, a free brain and puzzle game, will be to untie tangled laser nets. Just turn all the neon rays from yellow to green color.

Slice HD Lite Slice HD Lite v1.0

This is an intense, realistic game, and may be too disturbing for some players.

Konbo Monsters - Free Edition Konbo Monsters - Free Edition v1.0.16

*** The Konbo Monsters have arrived! ***

Enjoy one of the most fun, addictive and challenging tile-matching puzzle video games, with a mood inspired by the 90's japanese classic titles of the same genre.

N-Tuple Math N-Tuple Math v1.3

Math Workout: Quickly Connect N- Tuple numbers that add up to a given sum!