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Call Filter Siesta Call Filter Siesta v1.03

Call filter Siesta is basiclly a white list call filter, allowing you to use silent mode and yet be able to define a list caller groups or individuals which you want to get alerted from while the rest of the calls will be muted.

Calling Country Calling Country v1.1.6

Ever wondered where that call came from?

Fake SMS & Call Trial Version Fake SMS & Call Trial Version v1.04

This tool lets you create fake messages (sent/received) in your inbox/outbox as well as fake call logs of any type (incoming/outgoing/missing).

You can specify related message/call log info like phone numbers, time, type, body, etc, download and try.

Paid version is also available at SlideMe for $0.99

HashParty HashParty v1.0

A twitter #hashtag, keyword, and $tock symbol trend explorer. Hashparty allows you to keep up with twitter trends you're interested in and view the social profiles behind the tweets.

itzfont itzfont v1.1.1

Techno Font Pack. You Can Use This Font Pack For Any Application That Allows You To Use Speacial/Your Own Font packs. More FontPacks Coming Soon, And Screenies.

K2 K2 v1.3.5

K2 allows you to send your webtexts, provided by your mobile operator, directly using your android phone just like regular SMS. All Irish mobile networks are supported.

Organizer Widget Organizer Widget v1.1.2

Organizer widget displays information of last and unanswered calls, new SMS, tasks and events defined in Calendar in one panel. Unanswered calls, new sms and Events for nearest 24 hours are marked with special icons and are summarized in red circle per group. On clicking Calls, SMS or Calendar icons you go to standard applications – Contacts, Send SMS and Calendar.

Risk Detector Risk Detector v1.0.4

Risk Detector is a mobile security tool that is able to detect risky applications that are installed on your system, with our database of known malicious apps.

Screen Cut Screen Cut v1.1

Capture the entire webpage as screenshots

WebCapture Plus WebCapture Plus v3.8.1

Contribution: Ads notification twice a day (with no harm)
- Easily capture Web Screen at any time (without using another capture program)
- Built-in Capture Gallery
- Built-in Google Advance Search
- Built-in YouTube Search
- Share Captured Screen to facebook, twitter etc.
- Automatically zoom to fit screen width
- Open Bookmark/History Gallery
- Orientation change support

TalkingCallerID TalkingCallerID v1.2

TalkingCallerID reads incoming calls callerID.
Very useful when driving your car.
- Reads incoming callers callerID.
- Reads name or number
- Option to enable or disable
- Option to set "do not disturb" time period
- Language Option
- Speech testing option
- Filter Option
- Filter from call logs & contacts

You will love the App

TalkingSMS TalkingSMS v1.2

TalkingSMS reads your SMS and can call the sender.Very useful when driving your car.
- Phone will read the Sender Name & Full message for you.

BeejiveIM for AIM BeejiveIM for AIM v4.2.6

Free AIM / AOL instant messenger! Chat for free with all your AIM buddies with BeejiveIM for AOL Messenger! Free!

BeejiveIM for Yahoo Messenger BeejiveIM for Yahoo Messenger v4.2.6

Free Yahoo Messenger! Chat for free with all your Yahoo buddies with BeejiveIM for Yahoo Messenger! Free!

BeejiveIM Free BeejiveIM Free v4.2.6

Free Instant Messenger! Chat for free on AIM / iChat, Windows Live Messenger / MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, Facebook, Jabber, MySpace, and ICQ! BeejiveIM is an all-in-one instant messaging app that allows you to message all your IM buddies anywhere you go! Free!

France Radio Pro France Radio Pro v1.1

France Radio Pro on Android Devices.

Israel Radio Pro Israel Radio Pro v1.1

Israel Radio Pro on android Devices.

News Radio Pro News Radio Pro v1.1

News Radio Pro on Android Devices.

RnB Radio Pro RnB Radio Pro v1.1

RnB Radio Pro on Android Devices.

Spanish Radio Pro Spanish Radio Pro v1.1

Spanish Radio Pro on Android Devices.