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Number Free Number Free v1.04

Teach your child to count and use maths in a fun, visual and audible way. Fun exercises to help kids to learn numeracy skills.

+ Count numbers up to 20.
+ Learn maximum and minimum numbers.
+ Learn basic addition and subtraction.
+ Set the maximum game number to either 10, 20, 50 or 100, for gradual learning.
+ Includes friendly cartoon pictures and sounds to encourage learning.

Calculator Calculator v1.0

Advanced calculator with help.

what doesnt belong what doesnt belong v1.0

What doesn't belong! Enjoy playing What doesn't belong trivia and quiz!

Dog Trivia Dog Trivia v1.0

Dogs Trivia! Enjoy interesting facts about Dogs, and enlarge your knowledge about dogs.

Flags Flags v1.0

Flags of the world! Play Trivia game and improve your knowledge about the flags of the world.
Guess which country has the flag.
Compete with more players online, and compare scores.

Israel Israel v1.0

Planning a trip to Israel? See if you can answer these Trivia questions about Israel!

Math for kids 1 to 100 Math for kids 1 to 100 v1.0

Math trivia game for kids, from 1 to 100. Learn and have fun at the same time!

Driving Theory Tests Driving Theory Tests v1.0.0

Οι επίσημες ερωτήσεις των εξετάσεων για την απόκτηση άδειας οδήγησης.
The official Greek car driving theory tests.
Официальные вопросы экзаменов для получения прав вождения.
makinë zyrtare greke ngarje test teori.

Start Japanese! Start Japanese! v1.0

A fun, simple and quick way to learn both the Hiragana and Katakana scripts, StartJapanese! is a flashcard app that allows you to revise in which ever way is easiest for you

Kids Maps Kids Maps v1.0

The Kids Maps App for Android Honeycomb tablets is intended to help kids as young as 2 years of age learn geography through a fun, interactive, puzzle game which uses colorful artwork, voice, sound and animation to teach.

Numbers and Letters Loading... Numbers and Letters Loading... v1.2

This is the full version that includes numbers and letters in French and in English.

Learn your numbers and letters in French and English!

Apprenez vos chiffres et vos lettres en francais et en anglais!

İmsakiye ve Maarif Takvimi İmsakiye ve Maarif Takvimi v1.0

ÜCRETSİZ Ramazan İmsakiyesi ve Maarif Takvimi Uygulaması

Drugs And Booze Forum Drugs And Booze Forum v0.16.13121.02395

Educate yourself
You want to kill your brain cells? Here you can learn from experienced chemists "how to synthesize ..."

Wikipedia eReader (Ad-Supported) Wikipedia eReader (Ad-Supported) v1.0

The entire encyclopedia in your pocket. Take it where ever you go.

Access to the entire Wikipedia library with a single touch. Read full articles anytime, anywhere for free. It's an entire encyclopedia in your pocket.

Her Gün Bir Hadis-i Şerif Her Gün Bir Hadis-i Şerif v1.0

Bu uygulamada her gün farklı bir hadis-i şerifi okuyabilir ve öğrenebilirsiniz. Şu anda uygulamada 150 civarında hadis-i şerif bulunmaktadır.

MTable MTable v1.1

It's a plain and simple multiplication table for general use. Multiplies integer number upto any range. Give it a try once.

PcTrikovi PcTrikovi v7.0

PcTrikovi je vodic kroz recenzije hardvera, softvera, tutorijala i savjeta, recenzija igara i mnogo drugih korisnih stvari.

Battle Field Guide WOW Battle Field Guide WOW v1.0

The ultimate playing guide for World of Warcraft and all of its expansions. This ultimate online tip and tricks manual is written and updated by real players. Provides strategies for each of the elements in the game.

NanoBulletin NanoBulletin v1.0

A course management app for the students of East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Guess Capitals Guess Capitals v1.0.0

How many capital cities do You know?

The game is very simple.

When You see the country name You have to choose its capital from the 4 options. You have 10 tries before the final score.
The faster You choose the more score You get.

Be as quick as possible and try to beat Your previous record! Also try to unlock the achievements!

We are waiting for any comments or suggestions!

Good luck!

Translated: English, Russian