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Android Eye Android Eye v1.9.9

Computer Vision. Object Recognition. Android Eye. The ONLY Computer Vision App!

Simeji Simeji v5.2.1

Simeji makes you happy with mobile virtual keyboard.

TalkingPlusFree TalkingPlusFree v1.2

TalkingPlusFree a Talking SMS&Talking CallerID App.Useful when driving your car.
TalkingPlusFree is a Talking SMS & Talking CallerID App.
Very useful when driving your car.
One convenient App for reading your SMS and also reading you Called Id's.
This App is loaded with features.

SandroProxy SandroProxy v1.4.77

Capture, intercept, analyze, modify, replay http requests, websockets.
Can connect to another proxy (Basic, Digest, NTLM auth support)
Proxy can also acts as SSL man-in-the-middle.
It generates sites certificates on the fly.
Issuer is named UNTRUSTED.
Based on WebScarab.
For transparent proxy, superuser/su/iptables are needed.
There is gui for application redirection to transparent proxy.
Using Chrome Developer Tools remote web gui for display data.

GO Accomplish GO Accomplish v1.0

GO Accomplish – Job Search Agent

Soap Stone Soap Stone v1.0

Place messages anywhere you are standing! When somebody is near that location they can view the message you left behind.

Share spooky stories, leave reviews of restaurants, commemorate landmarks, give insight into a building's history, leave philosophical musings, or just simply have a conversation with a stranger!

This app will check the surrounding area for messages every 15 minutes. If a message is found, the app will notify you.

Have fun, be safe, and please use common sense.

Rumble Philly Rumble Philly v1.0.470

Rumble is a cool and sassy social reader explorer for the mobiles that provides you with a beautifully styled environment to explore, read and share your favorite newspapers. Moreover, create and share your own items on your Rumble Channel, or follow other’s Rumbles channels of shared news items.

Sego Pro Sego Pro v2.6

Sego - The easiest way to send image, file and text between Phone, PC and Tablet. No cables, no email accounts, no annoying bluetooth settings! share images, files, web links, text between your phone, computer, tablet and other users easily with Sego.

Smdash Smdash v1.0

The first Social media App Worldwide for your Android Phone. Easy and quick, you can manage all your social media sites at once from your SMdash manager.

TetherProx TetherProx v1.0

TetherProx is a proxy that provides web (HTTP), secure shell (SSH), and other Internet connectivity from a tethered computer via your non-rooted Android SmartPhone.

This app is a direct and improved replacement for Proxoid and SuperProxoid; both are no longer being maintained. This app fixes and eliminates the connection reset problem that Proxoid exhibits after using it for a little while. The language is improved. And it is widely distributed on various Android app marketplaces.

AIS Hot Call AIS Hot Call v1.2.7

AIS Self Service - Thailand Mobile Operator
Create call shortcut on Home screen

Ultimate Surf Ultimate Surf v2.6.6

Ultimate Surf is a Web Browser based on Maxthon™ Engine. It is aimed for Lighting Fast web browsing and Intuitive User Interface experience with light Memory/CPU use and with support of Fullscreen Browsing.

TrueFinder TrueFinder v1.5

Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup and CallerID.

See who's calling you instantly!

With TrueFinder user can make reverse number lookups globally by entering the phone number and pressing Search.

Simply input the number you are searching for to begin.

TrueFinder provides unlimited searches absolutely FREE! **

AuDtxt AuDtxt v1.0

AuDtxt v1.0 helps you to listen to your text files when our app speaks it for you.

The Emoticon App The Emoticon App v6.0.3

Have you ever wondered how to express your emotions in text? This simple app will show you how to make tons of emoticons! Create everything from an Abraham Lincoln emoticon =|:O} to a Homer Simpson (_8(|) emoticon to a butterfly }|{ emoticon or even a Death Star ( °) emoticon!

Somos I+M Somos I+M v0.2.0

¡¡¡Entérate de todo lo que pasa en tu Facultad, a tarvés de Somos I+M!!!

MACLand MACLand v1.0

Mac App Store è l'applicazione ufficiale del blog che propone recensioni, notizie, video di applicazioni del Mac App Store per piattaforma Mac OS X e del Chrome Web Store per tutti i browser Chrome.

Wifi Test Auditor Wifi Test Auditor v3.2.6

Test your wifi protection.This application will help you to test your wireless security.It does not crack the network, or use the MAC/SSID address to deduce the default password.

MiniBrowserMobileBETA MiniBrowserMobileBETA v1.1

MiniBrowser Mobile BETA is a fast and easy to use web browser for Android 3.x and 4.x. It has all important browser features combined with simple minimalistic design.

- Tabs
- Auto-complete address bar
- Bookmarks
- Download images and files
- Find on page
- Pinch to zoom, double-tap to zoom
- Flash video support

Keep In Touch Pro Keep In Touch Pro v1.0

Keep In Touch helps you maintain relationships by reminding you to call your friends, family, or business contacts on a regular basis. You choose how often you'd like to talk to someone and we'll remind you to call or text.

Try the Lite version before you buy: