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Memory Memory v2.4

Memory Puzzle (second name Pair) helps develop memory for both adults and children.

Buccaneers Quest Buccaneers Quest v2.0

Help the buccaneer finding the right path to the treasure!

Memory Game Memory Game v1.60M

visual memory game, Find the matching icons!

Find The Hidden Fish Find The Hidden Fish v2.0

Find the hidden fish and aquatic animals.

Pipes Puzzle Pipes Puzzle v1.5

preparing pipes with maths game

Find the differences Find the differences v1.0.8

Spot all differences between the two pictures on each level of the game

Guess Numbers Guess Numbers v1.5

It's a game that challenge you to guess numbers

Dinosaur Excavation Dinosaur Excavation v1.0.7

Bring a dinosaur back to life by finding all its skeleton parts and then putting them back together.

The Secret of Photo Album The Secret of Photo Album v1.0

Mystery of the Foto Album: Hidden Object is a free game in genre "hidden object"

Catch The Shapeshifter Catch The Shapeshifter v2.2.0

Get ready to spot shapeshifters in an extraordinary find the difference action game!

Enigma Enigma v5.1

Explore 3D maze and solve puzzles to find hidden items.

Find Objects Find Objects v12.0

We are in urgent need of you to find objects in such a terrible mess!

MaxMem - SuperCar MaxMem - SuperCar v4.07

Memory game with picture of Super Cars

Can You Escape Game Can You Escape Game v1.3

The goal of this game is to get out of each room. To do it, you have to find out the hidden objects and solve the multiple mini puzzles, combine the pieces and discover the codes. See for yourself if you can finish all levels in this exciting and fun puzzle game.

Hide n Seek Hide n Seek v1.0

Catch me if you can...!
Hide & Seek is a simple, fun game!
The objective of the game is to seek out the hidden enemy. The game begins with a grid of tiles on the screen.
To win you have to seek the hidden enemy behind the tile.

Stupendous Memory Match Game Stupendous Memory Match Game v1.0

This Stupendous Memory Matching Game is fun and easy to play. There are 10 Levels to play, each with increasing difficulty. The tile pictures range from simple images to numbers and complex shapes. Touching a tile will reveal its hidden image. Match the tiles to score in the game. You can share your winning score with your friends and defy them to beat you.

Little Italy Little Italy v1.0.0

Little Italy, a Hidden Object game, where we have hidden 400 objects.

Travel Travel v1.0.0

PlayHOG presents Travel, a Hidden Object game, where we have hidden 400 objects.

The Magic Wand The Magic Wand v15.0.0

PlayHOG presents The Magic Wand, a Hidden Object game

Wonderland Wonderland v15.0.0

PlayHOG presents Wonderland, a Hidden Object Game