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Endless flight bottle Endless flight bottle v1.1.8

Endless Flight Bottle is a nice endless flying game in a cartoon world

Flying-Squirrel Flying-Squirrel v1.1.0

Flying-Squirrel is a funny slingshot game with a sweet squirrel.

Slip Slip v2.0

Slip through the stairs bursting out things on your way down...
How far can you go?

Pix Craft Pix Craft v2.5.2

Build all you can dream of, explore an infinite land, create your world.

Turkey Roast Turkey Roast v1.3

Stuff your turkey as fast as you can for the biggest holiday roast!

Speed up DOT Speed up DOT v1.0

Climb up. One dot at a time.

Cherry Bird Cherry Bird v1.0.0

Help the birds to get their cherries.
Simple and fun game.
Requires logic and skill to clear each level.
Totally free and no in-app purchase.

Pill Catcher Pill Catcher v2.0

Try to catch them<-

Christmas Party Christmas Party v2.2

Kids come have some fun at HooplaKidz Christmas Party - Play, Sing, and Dance!

Cube Bird Cube Bird v1.1.0

Cube Bird is a fun free addictive old school arcade game that can be played for hours!

Your objective is to catch falling balls.

RectRun RectRun v1.0

RectRun is simple game with interesting gameplay

Magic Tower Magic Tower v1.1

Avoid the traps while climb the magic tower

Christmas Rush Christmas Rush v1.1.0

Christmas Rush is a fun simple christmas theme game where you must be quick touching the falling christmas ornaments as they fall.

Catch the Eggs Catch the Eggs v1.1.0

Catch the Eggs is one of the most exciting game and its totally free.

Hero vs Square Hero vs Square v1.0.4

HERO vs SQUARE - Addictive arcade game and the ultimate Time Killer!

Bug Eat Bug Bug Eat Bug v1.0.1

Update: New Speed Dodge mode added!

BushyBall BushyBall v1.0.0.7

Tilt your Smartphone or Tablet to get the 'Bushy Ball' into the basket.

Candy Demon Candy Demon v1.1.0

Candy Demon is a free to play addictive survival game. A simple left-right touch control based game. It is easy and fun to play.

Float Ball Float Ball v1.0

Float the ball and avoid the danger object.
Hold To Dive.
Get The Coin.
Be the best

Dog vs Cat RPS Battle Dog vs Cat RPS Battle v1.2

Addicted Rock-Paper-Scissors Game combined with Cute Dog and Cat Epic Battle.