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Bug Eat Bug Bug Eat Bug v1.0.1

Update: New Speed Dodge mode added!

BushyBall BushyBall v1.0.0.7

Tilt your Smartphone or Tablet to get the 'Bushy Ball' into the basket.

Candy Demon Candy Demon v1.1.0

Candy Demon is a free to play addictive survival game. A simple left-right touch control based game. It is easy and fun to play.

Float Ball Float Ball v1.0

Float the ball and avoid the danger object.
Hold To Dive.
Get The Coin.
Be the best

Dog vs Cat RPS Battle Dog vs Cat RPS Battle v1.2

Addicted Rock-Paper-Scissors Game combined with Cute Dog and Cat Epic Battle.

Mr. Gun - Free Mr. Gun - Free v1.0

Mission of this game is to destroy all the skulls which move around.

Bounce 2 Bounce 2 v1.0

Insanely simple and addictive game

Pizza Burger Crush Game Pizza Burger Crush Game v1.2

Pizza Burger Crush Game gives you a guilt free fast food binge. Pizza, burgers, chicken, hot dogs, and fries bounce off your screen to your skillful touch. Match the food item in pairs or more. You have 60 seconds to ramp up the score.

Backpack Bounce Backpack Bounce v1.5

Backpack Bounce is 3 games: match, crush, and shooter.
Tap the game you want to play, and you're on your way.
Use twin controls for the backpack target shooter to eliminate the aggressive red backpacks flying to intercept the bronzed backpack hero.
These backpacks are loaded for fun. Designed for phones, 7 inch tablets (177.8 millimeter), and 10 inch tablets (254 millimeter). Get your backpack party without a load on your back.

Ball Sliding Ball Sliding v1.0

One ball, one objective, can you make it?

Paname Paname v1.0

" Paname ", immerse yourself in the poetry of Paris !

Kittyllama Kittyllama v1.7

Dodge falling kittens while riding a llama.

Boss Dismount Boss Dismount v1

Take a break from work and toss your boss under an ice cream truck!

Gyroll Gyroll v1.1.3

Gyro Game - Incline your device and absorb all balls ! Be the best !

Cat And Mouse Cat And Mouse v1.01

It is a little game about a little cat Tom and a naughty mouse Jeremy.
Some time,there is also a little fast dog Buck.

AIcube AIcube v1.0

Casual and fun to play! See how high you can get with your cube.

Dog & The Box Dog & The Box v1.5

Dogs love to JUMP!

Squiky Jump Squiky Jump v1.0.0.3

Help the Squiky alien

GreenRect GreenRect v1.0

Game based on player reaction. special for those who like difficult games

Color Jumper Color Jumper v1.0

How fast can you tap on screen and at the same time move player?