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Pokequiz Pokequiz v1.0

Are you a true pokemon fan? Take the quiz to find out. Do you know in what generation was Darkri introduced or in what game do you meat the trainer Steven? Try to beat your friends when it comes to this fun game trivia and prove you're better. android free apps, free games, fun quizz, challenge, game show, mobile

Memorize Pattern Memorize Pattern v1.2

Memorize variety patterns

Napo Chess Lite Napo Chess Lite v0.8.6.3

Play chess against your android device or with your friends! Choose your favourite view, 2D or 3D. Featuring an advanced AI engine, Napo will bring you hours of fun.

Fish Hunter Fish Hunter v1.0

A simple Fishing Game.

Find Me Find Me v1.0.0

This game helps to develop the visual skills and sense of observation of your children. Your children have to look for an object among many others. The game has 3 modes: the first one is finding an object among many others; the second one is the same with the first one, but objects have only the edge; the third one is the same with the first one, but objects position will be changed after 10 seconds. Each mode has 5 levels of difficulty.

Moto Quiz Challenge Moto Quiz Challenge v1.0

How many cars do You recognize? How many producers do You know?

CountToNine CountToNine v1.0.4

This is a fun, simple and free version of the classic sudoku game, brought to you by Count To Nine Sudoku. This version allows candidates and error checking as well as timed for skill

1.0.4 fixed pause/candidate issue + remove number

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3D Car Shift Game 3D Car Shift Game v4.0

This is soo funny 3D Car Shift Game and totally FREE..

You try to shift boxes and get some money and lives..
There is a car which in your control and you touchs textures for go right or left..
When you get 100 points or more you got fire options and on screen fire texture will appear..
Fire is for blast boxes and go clearly and quickly..

Game contains Car , Money , Boxes , Barrels , Dices , Trees , OilBox , and more money all of is 3D

Modern War2 World Campaign Modern War2 World Campaign v1.1

In the flames of war in this world to build one of their own kingdom in the World Campaign!

Your territory is under attack!Take up weapons to defend your base,and then began to fight against the enemy,survive in the brutal war. With forward and your allies toward victory.

Magic Flood Magic Flood v1.0

Flood the Magic Forest!

Soccer Punch Soccer Punch v1.3

Do you remember, when in school you played soccer on paper?
This application have same rules and very inteligent opponent!

You can play with your friend, brother, sister and cpu opponent!

Tap on the screen in the oval you want to move the ball. If you hit the edge of the field or some old move, you may continue.
Your move stops when you end up in open field or inside the goal area.

Pizza & Sandwich Stand Pizza & Sandwich Stand v1.6.9

This free version is ad supported.
Incredible Soundtrack
Amazing graphics
New level updates in the near future
And more!
Disclaimer: This free app is ad supported and may contain ads in the notification tray and/or home screen. The required permissions are just for ads.

3D Cube 3D Cube v1.7

The 3D Cube is a real three dimensions mobile game. You can rotate or move cube by touching screen or track ball smoothly. Please enjoy it no matter you are a junior or professional player!

FingerBowling FingerBowling v2.9

Play bowling with your finger. When a frame start, the ball is placed in a random position on the lane automatically, put finger on the ball and flip to the pins. The angle and speed of flipping determine the motion of the ball.

Dogs Match Game Dogs Match Game v1.02

By using simple dogs symbols with today's high end graphics this image match up game provides endless hours of harmless fun for the entire family. A great way to sharpen the mind and skills. dogs that used in our match game are : Doberman, Golden Retriver, Boxer, German Sheferd, Small Dog, Shepherd Dog, Dalmatian, Spanial, Bulldog, Pu

- 3D Icons
- Touch Screen
- Sounds on/off options
- Vibrate on/off option
- Level difficulty based on time
- Automatic High Scores

Escape From The Null Void Escape From The Null Void v1.0

In BEN10 Alien Force Escape from the Null Void, there’s no Gwen or Kevin or Grandpa Max to help out your favorite hero. Only you can save Ben from being trapped in the Null Void forever.
So what are you waiting for? HERO UP and navigate the Null Void as Ultimate Big Chill, carefully avoiding any obstacles that may appear.

ABC Mysteriez Lite ABC Mysteriez Lite v1.2.2

ABC Mysteriez is a free hidden object game, where hidden objects are letters of English alphabet. Go on adventure through epochs as you search for hidden letters in fascinating locations. Bring back the sweetest memories kept on the pictures of a large family album. Find the alphabets blended with the scenery end experience free seek & find fun with this unbelievable hidden object game.

Superhero Coloring Book Superhero Coloring Book v1.0

Entertain yourself with this collection of superheroes!

Zombie Island Strike Zombie Island Strike v1.3

You are stranded on an Island infested with zombies. Your mission is to survive as long as possible. Your weapons consist of an old submachine gun and grenades. Each zombie killed will be rewarded with ammo pickups. When grenades drop below 2, grenade pickups will appear with each kill.

Halloween Find objects Halloween Find objects v1.0.5

You have to find five objects that hidden on the pictures.
To pass each level, you must find all the hidden objects. If you need assistance, use the hint.