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BubbleBOMB! BubbleBOMB! v2.2

A 2D Physics Puzzle game, you have to be quick and bright to solve each puzzle.
The point of each level is to defeat every living creature using your bombs, which produce bubbles in different direction so you have to use a pushing power in, out or between objects.

Triangle Peg Jump Triangle Peg Jump v1.0.1

Try your hand at an old time Triangle Peg Jump. Watch out, it can get addicting.

Puzzle Cube Puzzle Cube v1.0

Challenge your brain and solve the famous puzzle cube. This is one of the best puzzle cube experiences that fit in your pocket - Enjoy!

Thief Mind Free Thief Mind Free v1.05

Thief Mind is a game that challenges your logic, wit and abilities of deduction. Inspired by the classical analog Mastermind (code breaker) and remaked from the point of view of a thief, you will find number combinations, fighting against time with a limited number of attempts.

A-Maze-Me A-Maze-Me v1.1

A-Maze-Me is a "brain and puzzle" memory-challenging game with simple rules:
- memorize the maze;
- navigate through the maze by removing the stones that block the way;
- find the pears;
- have fun!

Pyramid Mover Pyramid Mover v2.3

A unique twist on the classic puzzle game Tower of Hanoi!

The Pharaoh needs your help! He must move his pyramids to a new location! But there is a problem. Solve this in 16 exciting levels and achieve the rewards!

ZombiCows Free ZombiCows Free v1.0

Get rid of these zombies cows

Olemido Olemido v1.0.1

OLEMIDO is a unique logical game. The player's goal is to get the target multi-digit number by covering digits on the board.

Planet Drop Planet Drop v1.0.15

Right below Saturn's ring

Number Salad Number Salad v2.0

A very crazy Number Salad! Who can keep the overview?
Use the might of math! Play against the time and try to find the searched numbers by matching lines of numbers.
The longer the lines, the higher the points.

Bubble Popper Deluxe Bubble Popper Deluxe v1.0.1

Do you like free casual games? That Bubble Popper Deluxe is just for you!

Tic Tac Toe 2 Tic Tac Toe 2 v1.0.1

Classic Tic Tac Toe (Or Noughts and Crosses if you are from the UK)
A Simple classic version of the popular pen and paper game which pits you against your Android phone.

Be on your guard, with three distinct difficulty levels to select your phone or tablet will not be an easy opponent to beat.


Classic Tic Tac Toe gameplay

3 difficulty levels to provide a challenge to even the most skilled players

Simple to play, difficult to master.

Kids Puzzle Land Free Kids Puzzle Land Free v1.9

The animals of Kids Puzzle Land need your help. Solve puzzles, memory games and find items for the animals of Kids Puzzle Land.

Digit Connect Digit Connect v1.2

Digit Connect is a match-3 game with four levels of difficulty. The goal is to arrange 3 or more digit blocks in sequence.

Skyscrapers Skyscrapers v1.3

New type of puzzle. Great brain entertainment!

Crushes Bug Crushes Bug v1.1

Crushes Bug Beta Version Free

Hover Box Hover Box v1.0

Control the box by tilting your phone and guide it into the pipe.

Math Brain Trainer Math Brain Trainer v1.0

Math brain Trainer – An addictive math brain puzzle game.
Amazing app to keep the brain active and young

The Objective of the game is to select numbers from the grid that adds to “Target”(box on bottom left)..

Bonus for selecting same color boxes
It Challenges your brain to speed up your ability to perform calculation quickly.

36 36 v1.0.0

Speed, dexterity, and color vision are all you need to play "36". In this puzzle game, you insert colored blocks at others on a track. Three or more blocks of the same color disappear, leaving gaps that quickly close. If too many blocks stack up, they reach the 36th block, and you lose.

Ballogic Ballogic v2013.09.21

Puzzle Logic Action game with unique gaming style. Its a puzzle but while playing its a platformer with side-scrolling camera and enemies, hurdles etc. Its a blend of both logic and action flavor.

Control a ball and move it towards destination with maze like puzzles with hurdles in between.