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Autumn Leaves Donate LWP Autumn Leaves Donate LWP v1.2

Autumn leaves is a beautiful live wallpaper which contains nearly 26 different types of autumn leaves falling randomly on 15 different backgrounds.
This wallpaper is for all Autumn lovers. The leaves can be controlled by many available settings like Background, Types of Leaves, Rotate Speed, Gravity, Number of leaves per minute, Number of leaves at once, Leaves on ground, Leaf Size, Frames per second, Height from ground, Fog settings etc.

Autumn Leaves Fall Autumn Leaves Fall v1.0.2

Animated Android Live Wallpaper «Falling Autumn Leaves» – beautiful dynamic autumn live wallpaper with falling leaves effect, 10 different backgrounds to choose from, background water effect and much more. Tons of settings and effects will help to craft your own autumn live wallpaper.

Autumn Leaves Live Wallpaper Autumn Leaves Live Wallpaper v1.3

A beautiful and peaceful autumn sunset

Autumn Live Wallpaper Autumn Live Wallpaper v1.0.0

Autumn Leafs falling on dirt road backbround.

Autumn Live Wallpaper Autumn Live Wallpaper v1.0

A fun autumn live wallpaper.
You can choose a different autumn theme, leaves and number of leaves floating.

Autumn Live Wallpaper Free Autumn Live Wallpaper Free v1.8

Eastern autumn setting with early morning fog and falling leaves. Art by Anne Paetzke.

Autumn Scenary Rain Live Wallpaper Autumn Scenary Rain Live Wallpaper v1.6

Autumn Scenary Rain is a FREE Live Wallpaper.

B&W Fun B&W Fun v2.0

Five animated, black and white wallpapers.
Go to settings to set animation you want.

Background 2011 Wallpapers Background 2011 Wallpapers v1

Cluttered Wallpapers ? Unorganized Images ? Look no further than the new Wallpaper Manager app which clusters high resolution images in a systematic array of screens.

Balloon Wallpapers HD Balloon Wallpapers HD v1.0

Enjoy the best collection of Balloons !
The best free collection of high quality images of balloons.

-save to sdcard
-set as wallpapers

Doesn't need Internet connection, and it is completely free !

Balloons Wallpaper Balloons Wallpaper v2.0

Balloons around clock live wallpaper

Baloons Baloons v3.1

The balloons live wallpaper adds a number of colorful, differently shaped balloons, flying all through the background screen of your device. Everyone loves balloons – and there isn’t a better way to celebrate any occasion than with one. Or a lot. This is exactly what this live wallpaper brings to your device – the balloons are of different sizes, different forms and different colors – and they’re all flying towards the sky. Just watch out – you don’t want all of them flying off to the sky!

Bangladesh Bangladesh v5.0

Your own portable Bangladesh flag!

NO ads, NO push notifications
NO spyware, NO malware
NO permissions required

FREE BONUS - cracked glass and squashed mosquitoes backgrounds

Barcelona Wallpaper HD Barcelona Wallpaper HD v1.4

Barcelona wallpaper HD, colorful & beautiful moments captured by a professional photographer Laura Burbaite.

Batik Wallpaper Batik Wallpaper v1.1

Change your wallpaper background into batik motives.

Battery Lights (Free) Battery Lights (Free) v1.1.0

Show your device's battery status, while ambient lights float on the background

Battery Lights (Full) Battery Lights (Full) v1.1.0

Show your device's battery status, while ambient lights float on the background

Battery Live Wallpaper Free Battery Live Wallpaper Free v1.0.4

With the Battery Live Wallpaper you see the battery status of your phone at the first glance. Your custom image is colored or saturated accordingly to the battery status.

Be my Valentine Be my Valentine v3.1

The Be my Valentine live wallpaper is the perfect phone background for the upcoming season of love
and romance! And the perfect way to ask the one you like or love to be your Valentine – especially
if you’re too shy to do it in person! Add a bunch of big, red hearts to the background of your phone
– and a golden chain, engraved with “Be my Valentine” in front of them! Show it to your loved one,
sit back, relax… And wait for them to say yes.

Beach Crab Beach Crab v5.2

Your own exotic pet – inside your phone!
NO spyware, NO malware
Free bonus - cracked glass and squashed mosquitoes backgrounds.