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Topaz Topaz v1.0

Deceptively simple yet infinitely complex. Topaz is an unique and captivating puzzle game

Bubble Blast Sports Bubble Blast Sports v1.0.7

Are you a baseball fan, a basketball fanatic, a golf expert, a soccer aficionado, a billiard addict? Then we have a great Android game for you: Bubble Blast Sports !

Bubble Blast Sports is a puzzle game in which you burst bubbles to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them.

Gemstoned Gemstoned v1.00

Unique, customizable gem-matching game.

Slice Slice v1.0.6

Are you ready to slice all day long?

Slice is a free brain and puzzle game with stunning HD graphics in which the goal is to cut a board in small enough pieces and capture the balls in the smallest areas possible!

3316 Challenge 3316 Challenge v1.0.1.2

< 3316 Challenge > is a minimalistic puzzle game, but very very hard. Challenge this super-addictive, hardcore, brainteasing puzzle!

Eras of Alchemy Eras of Alchemy v1.1a

Earth has been mostly destroyed by an asteroid. Can you help H.E.R.A. resurrect all of Earth's creatures?

AlphaBlocs AlphaBlocs v1.7.2

AlphaBlocs is a fun and challenging new puzzle game.

One 2 Nine Free One 2 Nine Free v1.1

You think you can count from 1 to 9. Prove it by getting a high score.

Super Combos Super Combos v1.0.2

Super Combos is an addictive puzzle game in which you will have to create chain reactions by associating the right numbers together.

Pipelines 2 Pipelines 2 v1.1

Connect pipes in this fun and challenging puzzle game. Rotate pipes to connect them but leave no pipes unused!

Magical Eye Maze Magical Eye Maze v0.93

Follow a deepening (track) in a randomly generated stereogram to solve the maze.

Blocks Collapse Mania Blocks Collapse Mania v2

Blocks Collapse Mania is a new highscores block collapsing puzzle game with 2 addicting game modes - Challenge and Classic with 50 levels! Simple puzzle game to play, but difficult to master!

Legor 4 - Free Legor 4 - Free v1

Popular puzzle game Legor is back with 10 new levels, harder than ever!

Angry Memory Angry Memory v1.0.1

Angry Memory is a matchmaking game in which you will test your neurons. The goal is simple, you must form pairs to complete the level in as few tries as possible.

IsolateWithSticks IsolateWithSticks v1.0

Isolate with Sticks is a puzzle game. Try to isolate each star by drawing line. Interesting and addictive game.

15+1 15+1 v1.4

Not the classic fifteen puzzle, this time you must order also the 16th number!

DisarrayPark DisarrayPark v1.0

move your car from a disarray park

Slide Puzzle Slide Puzzle v1.0

Join the pictures pieces to recreate the picture in the minimum time.
Have three modes simple, normal and advanced for puzzle solvers.
!!Enjoy the game!!

Catch Me Rabbit Catch Me Rabbit v1.04

Catch Me Rabbit, a simple and classic logic game for everyone.
Rabbit stole many carrots, your mission is catching it with as few moves as possible.

BumpBump BumpBump v1.1

Funny game with touch item to destroy and combine to get points.