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QQ Browser QQ Browser v2.4

Free & Fast Mobile Browser. Download Now! Browsing speed 2x faster! 5S browser: Specific Speedy Safe Simple Saving.

Let's Share Let's Share v1.1

Make new friends from all over the world! Share your feeling and thought

Timeline Messenger Timeline Messenger v1.0.3

Now you can access twitter offline right inside your email without opening a browser or using any twitter client. You can also backup your timeline in text or html format for future reference.
In todays' world due to the controversies surrounding social networking sites. It is often believed that only an idle mind has the time to open up a browser or use a twitter client on a mobile device to access a social networking site especially during work hours.

VirtualContact VirtualContact v1.1.13

In addition to offering the basic functionalities offered by Twitter, Virtual Contact proposes sizable advantages for serious Twitter users.

News Radio Pro News Radio Pro v1.1

News Radio Pro on Android Devices.

Spy SMS Spy SMS v1.1

Surveillance app

Location Me Location Me v1.0.4

Send your current location to your friends via SMS or email.

TalkBox TalkBox v1.6

TalkBox is sending messages with your voice and now with text input supports. It’s an application dedicated to getting your messages across FAST!

Twitter Twitter v8.66.0-release.00

Twitter is the best way to connect, express yourself and discover what’s happening.

Birthday Wish Birthday Wish v1.22

The Smartest Birthday app for Smartphones.

An essential must have app and widget for automatically wishing all your friends on their birthdays via Facebook Wallposts and SMS. Phone contacts and Facebook contacts can be synced.

Help Africa Help Africa v1.0

Help Africa just shows some images in order to take some people's attention to crisis in Africa, that's all.
"Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together."
so ...

Afrika İnsani Yardım Afrika İnsani Yardım v1.0

Bu uygulama Afrika´da yaşanan insanlık dramına karşı yardım kampanyaları düzenleyen kurum ve organizasyonların sms ve banka hesap bilgilerine ulaşabilirsiniz. Haydi insanlık dramına seyirci kalmayın, siz de yardım edin!


World Of Current Information! Be information user. Let the WOCI help you! Create information. Let your information on WOCI help others! WOCI is a platform for tagging around the world. Currently fully available in English, Croatian (Hrvatski), Turkish (Türkçe) and Arabic(العربية) language. More languages are comming soon. Standard tags: Police control and Traffic jam. All other tags are arbitrarily.

BirdziView BirdziView v1.0

Welcome to BirdziView. In this application you can get weekly updates of real events happening around the globe in a precise format, this list comprise of News Events ( Political, Entertainment, Sports, Technology etc.).

I Spent Too Much Today I Spent Too Much Today v1.0.2

This application keeps track how much you've already spent today.

Dating Horoscope Daily Pro Dating Horoscope Daily Pro v3.5

Before your happy dating, check your daily dating horoscpoe, it may give you some suggestions or just fun. And if you are boring today, and want to find a date, it's also a good wingman! Your friend's important date, and you want to help? This app can help too!

Tubri Tubri v1.0

Chat with friends, find people & make new friends. Based on Real life relations. Take pics & share with frnds.
New kind of social network based on real-life relations.
Rapidly growing innovative free social network. Chat with built-in messenger

Instant messaging Instant messaging v1.0

Simple app file, allows you to connect and chat with your favorite IM community, such as Facebook and Facebook Chat, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Chikka and others. 24 user interface languages available, including German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Chinese and many others

WebCapture Plus WebCapture Plus v3.8.1

Contribution: Ads notification twice a day (with no harm)
- Easily capture Web Screen at any time (without using another capture program)
- Built-in Capture Gallery
- Built-in Google Advance Search
- Built-in YouTube Search
- Share Captured Screen to facebook, twitter etc.
- Automatically zoom to fit screen width
- Open Bookmark/History Gallery
- Orientation change support

WhenWho WhenWho v1.0

WhenWho gives you a clear insight of your upcoming call activity. WhenWho helps you discovering the hidden patterns behind your incoming and outgoing calls. WhenWho helps you responding to the following questions (and even more):
Who is gonna call you in the upcoming period
What are the odds that a given contact calls you now
When will be the next call of a given contact
How often a contact calls you